How To Become A Streamer: Six Useful Tips

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How To Become A Streamer: Six Useful Tips
How To Become A Streamer: Six Useful Tips

Video: How To Become A Streamer: Six Useful Tips

Video: How To Become A Streamer: Six Useful Tips
Video: Pokimane's Top 5 Tips for Small Streamers! 2023, December

Don't expect to make big money with streaming. Of course there are streamers who can make a living from it alone, but this is the exception. The most important thing is that you enjoy it, whether you make money with it or not. If this is the case, the most important hurdle on the way to the streamer has already been overcome.

2. Think about why you're streaming

If you want to get as many viewers to your stream as possible, you should think about what kind of content you want to offer. Usually, most are interested in Twitch channels, on which they are either entertained or where they can learn something. So if you are adequately trained in tournament games like League of Legends or Hearthstone and can use your skills to help other players, you already have good cards. Alternatively, channels that work in a good mood are also good. That doesn't mean you have to keep telling jokes, but make sure your viewers don't get bored.

Marcel " Dexter " Feldkamp should be known primarily as a professional League of Legend player. Most recently, he worked for Schalke 04 as a substitute and for Spandauer Inferno as head coach. He has been streaming on his Twitch channel Dexter_LoL since 2013 and is also a freelance interviewer for theScore Esports. In 2016 he retired from his career as a professional LoL player.


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3. Invest little money initially

Streaming doesn't have to cost a lot of money. A webcam and a gaming headset are usually enough to start your first sessions. At first, focus on gaining security and a good feeling for the game and your audience. Once things go well and the number of viewers grows, you can still start getting better equipment, for example a professional microphone. It also doesn't hurt to spend more money on your internet provider, because as a streamer you need a lot of upload speed.

4. Community

The most important thing about streaming is not just you, but above all your community. If no one wants to watch you, you can finally leave it the same with streaming. So think about what you can offer your viewers. Definitely keep an eye on the chat, answer your fans' questions and communicate with them as best you can. So they feel taken seriously and like to return to your stream regularly. Ideally, you should also get an email or Twitter contact so that you can also exchange ideas with your community when you are offline.

Julia " Miss Rage " Kreuzer comes from Austria and has been a professional streamer and e-athlete since 2016. Her parade discipline was CS: GO for a long time, but she is also not averse to other games like League of Legends and Teamfight Tacticts. On Twitch you can watch Miss Rage playing miss_rage on the channel.


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5. Get a hard shell

The more viewers you have, the more you will get comments and feedback from the community. Unfortunately, this is not always positive. Some people make fun of insulting streamer badly and try to incite the rest of the community. Unfortunately, there will always be such troublemakers and there is no general cure for it. So focus on all the positive feedback that you will get from your audience and don't let the hate get too close. Be aware that these people only want to provoke to get attention and that their talk has nothing to do with your personality or your performance in the game.

6. Be yourself

Finally, the most important thing: Don't copy other streamers, just be yourself. It may take a while until you find your own style and you feel comfortable in the stream, but this is normal and your community will understand. However, if you try to copy other popular streamers, your stream will never be authentic and the audience will notice that too. So don't fool anyone (except great games!), Have fun and then the good mood will be transferred to your audience.

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