EBay Or EBay Classifieds: Which Is Better?

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EBay Or EBay Classifieds: Which Is Better?
EBay Or EBay Classifieds: Which Is Better?

Video: EBay Or EBay Classifieds: Which Is Better?

Video: EBay Or EBay Classifieds: Which Is Better?
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You need an account for both services. If you choose eBay classifieds, the effort involved in creating the offer is kept to a smaller extent.

  • Once the account has been created, all you have to do is create a nice photo and a descriptive description text for your offer and specify the location of the article at the classified ads branch.
  • The offer will then go online after a short time and ideally you will receive initial inquiries from interested parties after a short time.
  • Optionally, you can store a phone number.
  • As a rule, however, communication between interested parties and sellers is carried out by private message.
  • Here, a trade can initiate after touching. However, other interested parties fall in the door and write all the information necessary for the purchase transaction in the message field the first time they make contact.
  • Depending on the establishment of contact and the course of the conversation, you can choose the buyer yourself.

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Another advantage of eBay classified ads over eBay:

  • Creating and selling ads is usually free. Only after a certain number of offers and for special offer features can offer fees be incurred.
  • On eBay you pay a commission after the sale, which depends on the final price.

Since the potential buyer usually picks up the item "at the front door", the interested party can take a close look at the item when it is handed over. Anger that the article does not meet expectations can be avoided.

eBay or eBay classifieds: Both services with advantages and disadvantages

Despite the higher effort involved in creating the offer, there are also a few reasons that speak for eBay:

  • The entire purchase process runs on eBay, which gives you, for example, more security for you as a buyer.
  • If you have paid for an item via PayPal and it is not sent, you can often get your money back from PayPal without much effort.
  • If someone buys your item with the highest bid or via the "Buy it now" button, a purchase contract is concluded and the buyer is obliged to take the goods from you against payment of the final amount.
  • If there is no payment, you can turn on eBay.
  • With eBay classified ads, it happens again and again that prospective buyers simply do not appear despite an agreed appointment or still want to negotiate the price at the front door.
  • eBay classifieds is aimed primarily at sellers who personally hand over goods after a cash payment. In smaller cities in particular, the group of interested parties is limited, so eBay would be the better alternative.
  • EBay classified ads can be registered anonymously, which can lead to some attempts by members to defraud. On the other hand, personal data must be stored on eBay.
  • If an item is not sold on eBay, you can reset it with just a few clicks. With classified ads, the offer is deleted from the database after a certain time. If you want to post the article again, only a somewhat cumbersome detour will help you.

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A big advantage of eBay are the ratings. Based on the points, you could quickly assess whether a seller is reliable. Here eBay has recently followed classified ads and also enabled reviews. However, the feature is not yet as mature as on eBay.

With eBay classifieds everything is a little bit less binding. This leads to many curious offers, contacts and news histories. We have selected many examples for you:


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In addition to eBay and eBay classified ads, there are some other points of contact where you can monetize your stuff you no longer need.

Conclusion: Both eBay and eBay classified ads have their advantages and disadvantages when it comes to buying and selling. Selling on eBay costs, but offers more security. eBay classifieds is intended for local trade. This restricts the group of interested parties when making a sale.

What are your experiences Where do you prefer to sell things, on eBay or eBay classifieds? Post your assessment in our comments!

In which marketplace do you prefer to shop online?

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