Whoinns: Experience With The Online Shop

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Whoinns: Experience With The Online Shop
Whoinns: Experience With The Online Shop

Video: Whoinns: Experience With The Online Shop

Video: Whoinns: Experience With The Online Shop
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Whoinns advertises great discounts of up to 30 percent on beautiful clothing, handbags and other trend products. The product pictures promise attractive goods in good quality. But what are the experiences of customers who have already ordered from Whoinns.com? In fact, here is a picture that you should consider your order twice.

At Trustpilot, the online shop receives an "unsatisfactory" rating in 93% of all reviews. So far, no user of the rating platform has rated whoinns.com experience as “excellent” or “good”. The main criticism is that:

  • The sizes given are usually much smaller. Ordered clothing therefore often does not fit at all.
  • According to some customer information, money was collected, but goods were not delivered.
  • The quality of the items does not meet expectations.
  • Buyers often had to wait several weeks for a delivery.
  • Complaints and returns are very difficult. Many buyers mention that no contact was made at all, in some cases there was an answer in Chinese.

With these tips you can generally recognize fake shops on the Internet (video):

This is how you recognize fake shops

How serious is the Whoinns online shop?

The shop is also warned on the watchlist internet and at other points on the Internet.

Like many current online providers, Whoinns is based in Asia. Orders are usually delivered, but the goods often do not meet expectations. When ordering, you should therefore expect a longer waiting time. Deviations in size also occur again and again in online deliveries from China and Co. An imprintThe page does not show how it is prescribed for online shops. Although there is an “About Us” page, this only refers to an e-mail address for the contact. There is no telephone contact option. It is therefore not clear who is behind whoinns.com. Even if you can order one or the other bargain bargain here, you should take into account that the low price can bring an unsatisfactory buying experience.


Have you already ordered something from whoinns.com? What are your experiences with the provider? Have goods been delivered and do they meet your expectations? Or are you still waiting for your order?