FIFA 20: All Innovations And Gameplay Features

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FIFA 20: All Innovations And Gameplay Features
FIFA 20: All Innovations And Gameplay Features

Video: FIFA 20: All Innovations And Gameplay Features

Video: FIFA 20: All Innovations And Gameplay Features
Video: FIFA 20 : ALL 50 NEW FEATURES & CHANGES! 2023, September

FIFA 20 is said to be more responsive than its predecessor. There is a new system for this that gives you the opportunity to change your key inputs in specific situations at the very last moment. For example, when shooting, passing or pinching the ball. The FIFA 19 Active Touch System has also been expanded this year. This system is also intended to influence the line of sight, the ball contact and the exit control and to cause a follow-up reaction that is as fluid as possible.

  • Sideways dribbling: Hold down L1 / LB (standard controls) for more precise control of the ball. If you hold both shoulder buttons at the same time (L1 + R1 / LB + RB) you can control the sideways dribbling with a fixed viewing angle. This is to ensure further control.
  • Controlled tackling: Above all, manual defense should be rewarded. The system is designed to reduce the number of times the striker keeps the ball despite a successful defense. The strength of the defender should be more in the foreground and the stumbling after duels should also be improved. There is a fair duel or an energetic duel. The system is said to play a less important role in tackling. Defending manually should be worth it again. AI defenders are weakened. In FIFA 19, many players rely on the AI and use the manual player to block pass routes. This should be counteracted with weakened AI defenders.
  • Agile pushing: The manual pushing should have been revised. It is intended to allow user-controlled defenders to better pass routes and block shots more easily. For this there is either a slow or fast pushing away.
  • Composed finishing: The shooting consistency in 1-on-1 situations with the goalkeeper is said to have been optimized and thus to give greater precision when closing in front of the goal.
  • Preparation touching the ball: This should be used to prepare your follow-up passes and follow-up shots more precisely. However, this takes a lot of time and space because the player is susceptible to maneuvers.

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New features in career mode

New features in career mode should provide more depth and authenticity. So you should be able to put your own stamp on your career. The new content includes:

  • New customization options: creating a manager, customizable with additional options. Changes in body and skin type, as well as clothing and hairstyles. For the first time, female managers can also be created.
  • Communication with players: The morale and performance of the team can be influenced, among other things, by interactive press conferences, team rotations, 1-to-1 conversations.
  • Dynamic user interface: Authentic branding of the Bundesliga, Premier League, Ligue 1, LaLiga Santander, MLS, the UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Europa League. You can get a complete overview of the licenses in FIFA 20 in the linked article.
  • Player potential: The dynamic player potential influences the total value of each player. The better the players act on the grass, the more the potential of the respective player grows.
  • Career moments : In the news feed, new live news screenshots are to be created from the games played and the best career moments are highlighted.

Changes in 1-on-1 situations

In real sport, exciting moments often happen in one-on-one situations. That is why FIFA 20 also wants to put it more in the foreground. To create such rousing moments, the development team focuses on four aspects: spaces, movements, game flow and tools.

  • Spaces and movements: The AI position game is said to have been revised to emphasize the actions of user-controlled actions. The AI players should pay more attention to the distance to the opponent and react depending on the situation. They are now increasingly trying to maintain their position and formation and at the same time predict the opponent's movements instead of just running at him.
  • Game flow: The game off the ball should be quieter and slower than in previous years. The tactical defense should be given a higher weight.
  • Tools: So that you have the necessary tools at hand to assert yourself in the situations, there are new commands and systems for attackers as well as defenders. As examples:

    • the sideways dribbling mentioned above
    • Controlled tackling: Active-touch duels and new animations are intended to reward perfectly timed defense reactions
    • the squeeze system listed above

In addition, the stringing together of skill moves should remain possible, but be more difficult to carry out. This should lead to more realistic results.


A new ball physics

The ball physics is said to have been revised so that it reproduces the real movements of the ball. The focus here is on trajectories, ball turns and ricochets. This is intended to provide different types of balls with unmistakable physics. This should make realistic passes with a natural spin possible. In addition, it should occur more often that balls bounce after contact or touching the lawn and change their trajectories. Even the nature of the lawn should be included here. The worse and harder the turf, the stronger the impact and the more irregular the trajectory of the ball. In the shots, the new ball physics should above all be expressed more often in rotating endings with spin and flutter balls. The trajectories are context-dependent on the force, angle, spin and values of the player.

Revised timed finishing

Many players use the feature introduced in FIFA 19. In the coming part, it will be improved accordingly. The green area should be more difficult to hit and lead to more realistic results. The days when unrealistic gates are falling from unthinkable angles should be a thing of the past.


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Changed standard situations

It is often the case in FIFA 19 that free kicks in particular are unpredictable. This should eradicate the new, revised standard situations. The new free kick system consists of five aspects:

  1. Goal: There is a new goal mechanism. To aim you now have a crosshair on the gate. So you can use the controller to choose where you want to aim.
  2. Position: Now you can press the right stick to the left or right to take predetermined positions of the player (normal, straight, sideways). The position gives you a specific bonus. Right now, shot on the outside gives more spin. Lateral gives the shot more spin and a mix of both is normal.
  3. Shot power: While the shot height is now determined by the crosshair, the shot power is defined via the ball trajectory. A low force shot is similar to a cut shot, while a high force shot is more powerful and direct. If you aim at the underside of the gate, full-shot shots will be prioritized so that shots under the wall are also feasible.
  4. Spin: After loading your shot, you can set the spin during the start. There are several "gestures" that are carried out with your right stick. There will be top spin, side spin, mixed and knuckle ball. How much spin your shot gets depends on the pace and precision of your gesture.
  5. Timing: You can now use the final timing feature on free kicks. To do this, you simply have to press the shot button again when the ball comes into contact. If successful, the error rate of the shot is reduced and the spin is increased. If you fail, the error rate of the shot should increase drastically.

The penalties have also been revised, using the same aim, shot power and timing mechanics as the free kicks. But unlike the free kicks, there are no adjusted starting positions and no spin control. Unlike in free kicks, you can further adjust the aim of the shot during the start-up and change it at the last moment. The shooting animations of free kicks and penalties have also been changed. New star attempts and star animations have been installed and the wall movement mechanism has been removed. The last point is said to be a community request from the feedback sessions.

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More changes

  • You can intercept flanks manually with your goalkeeper
  • Referees are airy and cannot collide with the ball or players
  • New passports
  • Ball-dependent player changes: New player change option via the right stick. You can change your settings so that player changes are ball-dependent instead of player-specific.
  • No touch dribbling has been removed. This point was also a community wish.
  • Earlier determination of the passport recipient
  • Kick-off emotions
  • Troubleshoot 50/50 duels
  • New special movements
  • New cheers

In addition to all the changes, there is also a new mode: VOLTA. Here you will find everything you need to know about street football. We have also summarized the stadium list for you. In addition, there is all useful information about the demo of FIFA 20, which can certainly help you in the purchase decision.

It appears that EA Sports has made an effort to listen to community feedback. It remains to be seen whether the community will be satisfied with the changes and innovations. FIFA 20 is slated for September 27 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and the Nintendo Switch.