Red Dead Redemption 2 Online: Update And "PS Plus" Gift In September

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Red Dead Redemption 2 Online: Update And "PS Plus" Gift In September
Red Dead Redemption 2 Online: Update And "PS Plus" Gift In September

Video: Red Dead Redemption 2 Online: Update And "PS Plus" Gift In September

Video: Red Dead Redemption 2 Online: Update And "PS Plus" Gift In September
Video: How to redeem PS PLUS LIFETIME access! 2023, December

PlayStation Plus members receive a gift of $ 250 RDO as part of their subscription. All you have to do is play Red Dead Online on your PS4 by October 7th. Your gift will be sent to you within 48 hours of your game session.


Ranks, progress and special roles

Each role offers you new activities that continuously give you unique items and skills and also provide you with money and gold. In the future, additional roles will also be added, as well as new options and ways to follow your personal path through the Wild West.

In each role, you automatically earn Role XP when completing the role activities. Role XP bring you progress within a role, which can go up to rank 20. You also move up one level every five ranks. The levels are:

  • Budding
  • Aspiring
  • Established
  • Accepted

As soon as you have unlocked a new rank in a role, you will receive a role badge. At certain ranks, there are also new skills that relate specifically to the role. You can also increase the capacity of your bag and start role-specific “Free Roam Events”. At each level, you also get access to equipment that is specific to the role and can be unlocked for purchase with role badges.

Your possible roles in the overview

The bounty hunter

To start as a bounty hunter, you must meet the bounty hunter in Rhodes and acquire the bounty hunter license there. The standard price is 15 gold bars. However, if you link your Twitch Prime account to the Rockstar Games Social Club by September 8, you will receive the bounty hunter license free of charge from September 10.

As a bounty hunter, you can start work on poster boards near sheriff offices, post offices and train stations. Your target persons vary in difficulty, from individual petty criminals to infamous outlaws. The hunt for bounty can also be done in a squad. Each squad member earns a share of the bounty. If you capture the target persons alive, you will receive a bigger reward.


Rank 12 bounty hunters can hunt other players with a high bounty of at least RDO $ 20. The wanted player has to escape or give up within the given time. Should he be captured, he still has the opportunity to escape and flee. If the bounty hunter brings the target person back alive, he receives a reward and the criminal has to serve his time.

Unique skills and items for bounty hunters:

  • Concentration: targets glow red in eagle's eye
  • Reinforced lasso: a lasso made of reinforced rope to securely tie up the person you are looking for
  • Reverse Rotation: Performs a reverse rotation with a pistol or revolver
  • Improvement in the medicine bag: carry more items in your medicine bag
  • Eagle Eye +: Chases enemies while sprinting and galloping
  • Vortex: Performs a vortex with a pistol or revolver
  • Gear Bag Enhancement: Carry more items in your gear bag
  • Chase Arrows Brochure: A booklet that contains the recipe for chase arrows
  • Reverse Vortex: Performs a reverse vortex with a pistol or revolver
  • Crouch: Ducks you, to protect you while riding
  • Bolas: A throwing weapon that wraps around the legs of people you are looking for
  • Bounty Hunter Car: A car that can be used to safely transport the people you are looking for
  • Perception: Receive notification of bounty hunts from a distance
  • Alternate Tilt: Performs alternate tilts with a gun or revolver
  • Ambidextrous Gun Swirl: Performs a weapon swirl feat with two equipped pistols or revolvers

The dealer


If you want to take on the role of dealer, you have to choose to help Cripps. Once you've decided to do this, you can start building a store out of your warehouse by getting items for Cripps that will sell them. You start your business with the investment of 15 gold bars for a slaughter table. If you play on PlayStation 4, you get the battle table for free.

You procure materials by hunting animals, flawless fur and carcasses bring a higher yield. You can also accept supply missions to earn additional goods. Once procured, Cripps will use it to sell goods that can be sold locally or delivered to more distant regions at a higher price.

Unique skills and items for traders

  • Soup pot: A stock upgrade that unlocks stew recipes that strengthen your kernels
  • Improvement of the ingredient bag: carry more items in your ingredient bag
  • Mindfulness: Detects cars from rival dealers at greater distances
  • Dog Warning: Teach your dog to warn you about camp raids
  • Medium and large delivery vans: Improved vans that can carry more goods
  • Gun Case: Layered weapons for later use
  • Lance knife: A custom knife that is only available to dealers
  • Efficiency: Learn how to get a larger amount of usable materials from perfect carcasses
  • Improvement of the material pocket: carry more items in your material pocket
  • Hunting car: A stable car for transporting several carcasses, skins and furs
  • Protection: Reduces the likelihood of warehouse raids

The collector


To take on the role of the collector, you need to find the dealer Madam Nazar. There you will acquire the collector's bag in order to follow the path of the collector. It will cost you 15 gold bars. If you have collected all 54 hidden playing cards in GTA Online, you save the deposit and get the collector's bag for free. Collect individual pieces and sell them directly to Madam Nazar or collect entire sets for more expensive sales.

Unique skills and items for collectors

  • Sense: sensed Collectibles near you
  • Pennington Field Spade: An essential tool for digging out collectibles
  • Potential: Discover heaps of churned earth using eagle eye
  • Intuition: Reduces the size of search areas
  • Collector saddlebag: carry more items in your saddlebag
  • Refined binoculars: special binoculars through which archaeological sites shine even from a distance
  • Águila machete: A classic machete designed for daredevil and quarrelsome collectors
  • Metal detector: An important tool that is helpful in finding buried collectibles
  • Horses support Gather herbs while riding
  • Lantern for your horse: illuminate the path in front of you with a lantern that is attached to the chest plate of your horse
  • Improvement of the valuables pocket: carry more objects in your valuables pocket

Further changes due to the September update

In addition to the new roles, the update includes new features and gameplay updates, including additional spaces in the barn, better selling prices for jewelry, lootable wagons in the area, more storage space for self-made outfits and the possibility to name them in your wardrobe, likewise newly balanced weapons to reduce the effectiveness of headshots in the PvP area.