Role Model Amazon: Where Is The Apple TV Stick?

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Role Model Amazon: Where Is The Apple TV Stick?
Role Model Amazon: Where Is The Apple TV Stick?

Video: Role Model Amazon: Where Is The Apple TV Stick?

Video: Role Model Amazon: Where Is The Apple TV Stick?
Video: Обзор Amazon Fire TV Stick 2019 | Гудбай Apple TV и Chromecast 2023, September

In short: The competition made me a better offer in the form of the Fire TV Stick from Amazon. It costs less, but is still fast enough, offers a lot of apps and of course the support of my streaming services - Prime Video and Netflix. One must not forget that the stick is small and compact enough to be taken with you on trips. In general, the stick can be easily replaced, I only use my (old) SmartTV as a “stupid, large” display.

Amazon's latest prank, a small cube - Fire TV meets echo speakers:

Amazon Fire TV Cube: HDMI stick and echo in one

Fire TV from Amazon: the offers

The Apple TV, on the other hand, is much more expensive and unfortunately not quite as compact as the Amazon alternative. The apps and games are better coordinated with the iPhone and iPad. Well, at least I can also use a Fire TV app (AirReceiver) to turn the Amazon stick into an AirPlay receiver and thus stream videos, pictures and music from iPhone and iPad.

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Wishful thinking: The Apple TV Stick for Penny Foxes

But what do I want to point out? Apple should consider taking an example from Amazon's TV stick. Take, for example, the technology of the current HD model, put it in a compact stick and sell the package for a maximum of half the current price - i.e. 80 euros. And while we're at it: why not put together a package right away? Anyone who books the future Apple TV + streaming service for 12 months will get the stick for free - deal?

What you can do with the Fire TV Stick:


Start photo gallery (11 photos)

A real win-win situation: Apple promotes its new streaming offer through the stick and the customer finally receives the cheap Apple TV, which many - including me - always wanted. The cash register can ring.

In this respect, I hope a little that Apple may not only present a new and expensive Apple TV well-known manner on Tuesday, but may also have a little surprise in store. In this sense: Have a nice TV evening this Sunday.

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Sven Kaulfuss
Sven Kaulfuss

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