Android 10: This Is How The New Gesture Control Works

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Android 10: This Is How The New Gesture Control Works
Android 10: This Is How The New Gesture Control Works

Video: Android 10: This Is How The New Gesture Control Works

Video: Android 10: This Is How The New Gesture Control Works
Video: Android 10: New Gesture Navigation and Dark Mode 2023, September

In the past, there were arrows, a virtual home button and list elements in the navigation bar at the bottom to see the most recently used apps. With Android 9, the list element was deleted in a previous version of gesture control and swipe gestures became more important. The gesture control of Android 10 also sends the back arrow into retirement and completely relies on vertical and horizontal swiping.


How to navigate in Android 10 with gesture control:

gesture effect
Swipe in from the left or right edge approximately in the middle You can use it to switch between the previous and current page. Replaces the back arrow.
Swipe right and left at the bottom of the screen So you switch between the apps you used last. There is no preview.
Quickly swipe up from the bottom of the display with one finger in an app This gesture closes the app.
From the home screen or in an app, swipe your finger up from the bottom and hold it down A reduced view of the last apps is displayed, between which you can select one with the swipe of your fingers to the right and left and activate it by tapping.

After a while, you get used to the fact that there are no visible navigation elements anymore. Being able to end any app with a quick swipe up is definitely practical. It may take longer to get used to the absence of the back arrow.


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Alternatives to Android 10 gesture control

In Android 10 you have two other standard navigation options in addition to gesture control. In addition, some launcher and customized manufacturer UIs also offer their own typing or swiping gestures with which you can control your device.

How to choose your control:

  1. Opens the settings and taps on System.
  2. Tap gestures and movements, and then Control Panel.
  3. Tap one of the three options there to select a navigation.

You can use these navigation options in Android 10:

control use
3-button control This is the "old" basic navigation of Android phones. A back arrow and a round home circle for page navigation, a block for the app overview.
2-button control The gesture control of the previous Android version. There is only a back arrow and a "bean" that can be wiped up or to the side.
Gesture control The new gesture control of Android 10 shows only a small line. It swipes from bottom to top to switch apps and sideways to control pages.

The standard keyboard in Android is not always the best. Keyboard apps can often add a lot of new practical functions such as swipe gestures or shortcuts. Which keyboard is your favorite? Or do you even use several keyboards depending on the app?

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