Samsung Galaxy S20: Why Is The Best Feature Hidden?

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Samsung Galaxy S20: Why Is The Best Feature Hidden?
Samsung Galaxy S20: Why Is The Best Feature Hidden?

Video: Samsung Galaxy S20: Why Is The Best Feature Hidden?

Video: Samsung Galaxy S20: Why Is The Best Feature Hidden?
Video: Samsung Galaxy S20 Hidden Features! Top 5 OneUI Secrets | Guiding Tech 2023, December

Arrived in Saturn, my anticipation followed the great disillusionment when I took the Galaxy S20 in my hand for the first time: It jerked like an old washing machine during the spin cycle! Sometimes I had the feeling that there was an aging Galaxy S6 with overloaded TouchWiz as the user interface.

It is actually clear that such an exhibit jerks - after all, it is in continuous use for 10 hours a day and has to go through countless “test rounds” if potential buyers keep switching it on and off, launching apps and games, etc.

Nevertheless, I was amazed at how gigantic the difference in the perceived performance is when you switch from 60 Hz to 120 Hz in the settings. It's a difference like day and night and suddenly the Galaxy S20 ran smoother than I've ever seen on my private iPhone. You have to let that melt in your mouth: a Samsung smartphone runs more smoothly than an iPhone - unthinkable a year ago!

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Samsung Galaxy S20: why is the 120 Hz display not activated by default?

This is exactly where I ask myself why the 120 Hz display is not activated by default? Without need, Samsung hides the best feature in the Galaxy S20. Because what will visitors see at Saturn, MediaMarkt or other electronics chains when they take the Galaxy S20 cell phone stand in hand: A "stink-normal" Galaxy S that is slightly better than its predecessor. Same procedure as every year. But this performance revelation, which could almost certainly persuade many prospective buyers to buy, completely misses them.

It is clear why Samsung sets the Galaxy S20 to 60 Hz instead of 120 Hz as standard: it ensures a longer battery life. The high refresh rate is an energy eater. These exhibits at electronics markets, cell phone shops etc. are connected to the electricity all day anyway. Then why not show yourself from the “best side” and activate the 120 Hz display by default?

Everything you need to know about the Samsung Galaxy S20:

Samsung Galaxy S20

Samsung stands up for itself

After the purchase at the initial setup, Samsung can then ask the user whether they want to switch to 60 Hz or 120 Hz and transparently show them that the latter is sucking something on the battery. Just as it is now that 60 Hz is activated by default and the industry leader does not say a word about 120 Hz mode - Samsung is just standing by itself.

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