Free Learning Opportunities: The Best Applications For School And University

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Free Learning Opportunities: The Best Applications For School And University
Free Learning Opportunities: The Best Applications For School And University

Video: Free Learning Opportunities: The Best Applications For School And University

Video: Free Learning Opportunities: The Best Applications For School And University
Video: 10 FREE APPS Every Student Should Have: Best Apps for College! 2023, March

With this offer you have access to over 40,000 explanatory videos, exercises and original class assignments. The program comprises a total of 9 subjects from year 4 onwards. Yet until April 31, 2020 you can you sign up for a free trial month and additionally tap a discount of 20 percent on the premium and Premium Plus subscription.

Use Duden Learnattack for two months free of charge

StudySmarter: The name says it all

Whether you want to prepare for your Abitur or want to organize yourself better during your studies, in both cases this application can help you. Students currently have complete free access to all content from StudySmarter and STARK. In principle, use is free of charge for students. While students benefit from thousands of exercises including solutions and explanations, students can use the app to create summaries or learning cards, for example.

Free registration for StudySmarter

Download StudySmarter - The learning app for study and school developers: StudySmarter price: Free


Download StudySmarter - The learning app developer: StudySmarter price: Free

Anton: The learning app for school

This application is primarily aimed at teachers. School classes can be created and tasks assigned to the learning plan in just a few steps. So you always have the progress of the class in view. The learning offer, officially supported by the EU, contains, among other things, learning content in the subjects German, math, biology or music from 1st to 10th grade.

Use Anton for free

Download ANTON - Learn - Elementary School to High School Developer: ANTON - Learning - School Price: Free


Download ANTON - School - Learn Developer: solocode GmbH Price: Free

Onilo: For teaching of a different kind

Onilo is also intended for teachers. The so-called board stories are a special feature of this learning offer - these are beautifully staged stories that are primarily intended for a younger audience and thus convey learning content in a playful manner. With the voucher code "crisis aid" you can test the offer for 30 days free of charge in the "Monthly licenses" tab and thus save 30 euros.

Unlock the Onilo Explorer license for free

Are you currently working or studying from home? These free tools can help you:


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Babbel: Ready, Babbel, go

Your English is rusty or you have been planning to learn a new language for ages? Now is probably the ideal time for this. With the coupon code "YW9B59W" you can try out Babbel's offer for free for one month. You can choose from a total of 14 different languages. What are you waiting for? C'est parti!

Get a free month at Babbel

Rosetta Stone: From French to Korean

If 30 days are not enough for you, you can currently use the language offer of Rosetta Stone as a pupil or student for a whole three months free of charge. Another advantage is that there are even 24 different languages available. How about Swedish, Turkish or maybe Mandarin?

Try Rosetta Stone for free for three months

More tips for lots of free time:

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Code Academy Pro: Become a Pro (Programmer)

In addition to conventional foreign languages, you can also learn a programming language. The provider Code Academy is currently offering the otherwise paid Pro subscription free of charge. All you have to do is register with your university email and then use it for the next three months without paying anything. However, the offer is limited to a quantity of 10,000.

Try Code Academy Pro for free

Unity Learn Premium: Learn to program with ease

Gaming is your passion and you always wanted to create your own video game? With Unity Learn Premium you could make this dream a reality. Yet until 20 June 2020 you can watch the free subscription for three months to back up. Otherwise, 15 euros per month are due.

Try Unity Learn Premium for free

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