FTFY: Meaning & Translation Of The Abbreviation

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FTFY: Meaning & Translation Of The Abbreviation
FTFY: Meaning & Translation Of The Abbreviation

Video: FTFY: Meaning & Translation Of The Abbreviation

Video: FTFY: Meaning & Translation Of The Abbreviation
Video: FTFY Meaning 2023, September

Meaning: The abbreviation "FTFY" stands for the English expression " F ixed T hat F or Y ou".

Most of the time, "FTFY" is used in response to other posts to alert the creator to something said. The term "fixed that for you" translates into German as much as: "I have corrected that for you".

In many cases, the correction of a previous statement is a sarcastic or humorous contribution to the topic. With the comment "FTFY" you can also express your own opinion on a topic by modifying a statement made by the previous speaker.

Less often, users just want to offer their help to solve a problem or an error.

A typical example:

Person A: "Marvel films are a blessing for the image of the comics."

Person B: "FTFY: Marvel films are a curse for the image of the comics."

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"FTFY": Alternative meaning of the term and misunderstandings

Some users who have understood the meaning of the acronym "FTFY" have come to a slightly different result. For some users, “FTFY” can also stand for “F * ck this, f * ck you!”.

Since the term is often used to contradict someone or to clarify your own point of view on a subject, this translation of "FTFY" seems logical to some. That is why there are always discussions on different platforms such as Reddit, in which the alternative meaning is deliberately used.

Most of the time, however, it can be assumed that the commentator uses the term in the original sense. Ultimately, you should think carefully about whether you want to use the more aggressive alternative, as this will offend the other party - depending on the situation.

In the jungle of abbreviations: What does … actually mean?

LTE, GSM, MfG? Sometimes abbreviations are a book with seven seals. Nevertheless, we mostly use them (ignorantly) with confidence. But do you really know your way around the thicket of technical abbreviations? Find out now in our short quizz.

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