Kitchen Machines 2020: The Test Winner From Stiftung Warentest

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Kitchen Machines 2020: The Test Winner From Stiftung Warentest
Kitchen Machines 2020: The Test Winner From Stiftung Warentest

Video: Kitchen Machines 2020: The Test Winner From Stiftung Warentest

Video: Kitchen Machines 2020: The Test Winner From Stiftung Warentest
Video: Best Stand mixers 1/2 - 5 appliances in practical test (WMF, Kenwood, KitchenAid & 2x Bosch) 2023, June
  • Test winner: Magimix Cuisine Systems 5200 XL
  • Price-performance tip: Bosch Mum 5 Creation Line MUM58L20
  • For large portions: Bosch Optimum MUM9D33S11
  • The classic: KitchenAid Artisan 5KSM175PSECA
  • Kitchen machines in comparison: how was tested

    • What does a food processor actually bring?
    • What you should consider before buying
    • What are the differences?

The Best Food Processors: Summary of Test Results

placement product price offer
Test winner Magimix Cuisine Systems 5200 XL approx. 450 euros Amazon
Price-performance tip Bosch Mum 5 Creation Line MUM58L20 about 200 euros MediaMarkt
For large portions Bosch Optimum MUM9D33S11 400 euros Amazon
The classic KitchenAid Artisan 5KSM175PSECA approx. 500 euros Euronics

Test winner: Magimix Cuisine Systems 5200 XL

Magimix 148399 CS 5200 XL food processor
Magimix 148399 CS 5200 XL food processor

Magimix 148399 CS 5200 XL food processor

Now from € 499.90 at Amazon price can now be higher. Price from 2020-27-07 1:14 a.m.

Stiftung Warentest not only tested classic kitchen machines, but also food processors - and found their own test winner among them. While in kitchen machines the dough is processed from above with a swivel arm, food processors are operated from below. The Magimix CS 5200 XL has proven to be particularly reliable. Stiftung Warentest rates the test winner with a grade of 2.2 (good).

Above all, its versatility and security are praised. Unlike most kitchen machines tested, the blender jar cannot be activated if the tamper is pulled out. The Magimix CS 5200 XL has a citrus press, a meat grinder, mini chopper and a recipe book. Only the juicer is missing in the scope of delivery, but this can be bought for 75 euros.

Magimix CS 5200 XL at Amazon


  • Versatility thanks to the extensive range of accessories
  • Safest food processor thanks to the stop function
  • Quietest processor
  • With storage box for the knives and discs
  • Reliable food preparation


  • Only suitable for small quantities (1.8 liter capacity)
  • Dough hook does not come to the edge

Price-performance winner: Bosch MUM58L20 CreationLine

BOSCH MUM58L20 CreationLine stand mixer
BOSCH MUM58L20 CreationLine stand mixer

BOSCH MUM58L20 CreationLine stand mixer

Now from € 193.99 at Mediamarkt price can now be higher. Price from 26.07.2020 11:11 p.m.

Reliable, cheap and extensive accessories: The Bosch MUM58L20 CreationLine kitchen machine offers a lot of possibilities for a very reasonable price (from just under 200 euros). It convinces with a lot of punch (1,000 watts) and a capacity of 3.9 liters, which is perfect for up to 2.7 kg of batter or 1.9 kg of yeast dough.

This also convinced the Stiftung Warentest: with a grade of 2.6 (satisfactory), the Bosch kitchen machine came in third place behind two food processors - making it the best classic kitchen machine with a swivel arm. As is typical for many Bosch machines, it has an agitator arm that can be raised flexibly at the push of a button, which makes setting easier and enables dough tools to be changed quickly.

Bosch MUM58L20 at MediaMarkt


  • Cheap price
  • Surprised with a powerful motor that packs yeast dough without any problems
  • Reliable, versatile preparation
  • Practical storage, bowl is easy to transport
  • Relatively quiet


  • Complex parts cleaning
  • The device can also be operated without a safety cover

For large portions: Bosch Optimum MUM9D33S11

Bosch Optimum MUM9D33S11 food processor
Bosch Optimum MUM9D33S11 food processor

Bosch Optimum MUM9D33S11 food processor

Now from € 449.95 at Amazon price can now be higher. Price from 2020-26-07 11:43 p.m.

The Optimum MUM9D33S11, which is also from Bosch, lands directly behind the MUM58L20 at Stiftung Warentest. This is currently around 450 euros significantly more expensive than its little sister, but is also characterized by a higher quality processing (full metal housing, stainless steel bowl), more power (1,300 watts) and a larger mixing bowl (5.5 liter capacity).

At Stiftung Warentest it still scores slightly worse than the MUM58L20 due to the price-performance ratio - it is rated 2.7 (satisfactory). Even if it scores above all when it comes to dough processing, it is difficult to use and just as difficult to clean.

Bosch Optimum MUM9D33S11 at Amazon


  • High quality
  • Powerful
  • Sufficient capacity for large portions
  • Particularly reliable when processing dough


  • Difficult to use
  • Elaborate to clean
  • Functional diversity is only conditional on the price

The classic: KitchenAid Artisan 5KSM175PSECA

KitchenAid Artisan 5KSM175PSECA
KitchenAid Artisan 5KSM175PSECA

KitchenAid Artisan 5KSM175PSECA

Now from € 549.00 at Amazon price can now be higher. Price from 27.07.2020 02:26 a.m.

The KitchenAid is considered a classic among kitchen machines. It stands out due to its outstanding design, usually in a bright red love apple. It is used in numerous professional kitchens to knead bread or cake dough and - with the necessary attachment - roll out pasta dough or chop vegetables.

But according to the Stiftung Warentest, it is not as good as many customers touted it. First of all, the high price catches the eye: You have to pay around 500 euros to call it your own. Several hundred euros will be added if you do not want to do without the numerous separately available, but nevertheless important accessories.

In addition, the design is indeed pretty, but not very well thought out: Substituting the - also available separately - Food processor stem on, the machine can top-heavy to be. And if you are not careful, you can quickly pinch your fingers on the swivel arm. Stiftung Warentest gave KitchenAid only a grade of 2.8 (satisfactory) - and thus relegated it to 6th place overall.

KitchenAid Artisan 5KSM175PSECA at Euronics


  • Appealing look
  • Versatile thanks to the accessories (available separately)
  • Robust construction and long durability
  • Large capacity


  • High price, additional cost of the accessories
  • Safety risk: Becomes top-heavy quickly with accessories, risk of getting caught on the swivel arm

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Kitchen machines in comparison: This is how it was tested

In our text, we are guided by the test winners from Stiftung Warentest. At the end of November 2018, the magazine took a closer look at eight kitchen machines with swivel arms and four food processors. We took up four placements, but they do not match the four best-placed products. If you want to know which products still performed best at Stiftung Warentest and which are not recommended, read the complete article at

Stiftung Warentest tested the kitchen machines primarily for their functions. It was not only the classic kneading of different types of dough, but also mixing, pureeing, whipping cream, cutting, chopping, grating and rubbing. Descending importance, handling, durability, noise, versatility and safety have also been incorporated into the result.


What does a food processor actually bring?

One thing above all: making work easier in the kitchen. Kitchen machines as all-rounders help you in the kitchen and are a great time saver. They offer a large selection of accessories for work steps that you probably have never done in your life or that would otherwise take a lot of time. While the food processor is working, you can turn to another task. They are also the perfect accessory for your kitchen.

If you bring a food processor into your home, you also have to expect a certain volume. In addition, kitchen machines do not offer splash protection as standard, which is why you will have to grab a cloth more often. You should also have enough space in the kitchen because the machines are not only large, but also very heavy. In most cases, they are stable and do not simply slide down the kitchen unit.

Food processor: Typical functions

In principle, a food processor can do everything that supports you in your kitchen work. Some models only fulfill one task, but they are also better than the competition. Other devices are so-called combi kitchen machines and can perform several tasks. Still other kitchen machines with various separately available attachments become versatile kitchen helpers.

The most common functions of a food processor:

  • Stir or knead the dough
  • Cut, grate, grate vegetables and fruit
  • Whip cream or egg whites
  • Puree or mix ingredients
  • Make minced meat
  • Press and cut the pasta dough
  • Squeeze juice or mix smoothies
  • Grind grain
  • Prepare ice cream

Food processor: what you need to know before buying

Which food processor suits you?

Before you buy a food processor, you should know what it has to be able to do. If you only want to knead, stir or beat, a simple model is sufficient. Devices that can do much more, such as mixing, crushing or juicing, offer certain accessories that will add a little more to the price. An alternative to this are the so-called food processors, which are more specialized in shredding and mixing. Anyone looking for a food processor that can do even more than the multifunctional machine is well advised with a high-end device. With kitchen appliances with cooking function such as the Thermomix food can also heat and cook full meals.

Engine power

As a rule, the motor power, expressed in watts, determines how powerful the food processor is. However, it doesn't just matter - often the design also has an impact on performance. The KitchenAid “only” has 300 watts. However, kneading pizza dough is not a problem since the motor is located directly above the stirrer. On the other hand, what is becoming more difficult is the crushing of hard ingredients - here devices with a higher wattage have a clear advantage.

Most of the kitchen machines listed here have an output of 1,000 or more watts. This not only enables kneading or whipping cream, but also mixing and crushing. However, a higher wattage also means greater power consumption. And there is also more noise during preparation.

Stirring system

Not only the performance has to be considered when buying, but also the stirring system. It is important that the mixing or kneading hook not only circles in one place, but that the entire container including the edges runs off. This reduces the risk of ingredients sticking to the edges and not being properly mixed into the dough. So-called planetary or 3D stirring systems are said to be particularly reliable. In addition, attention should be paid to the revolutions per minute and the speed levels.

Operating times

Especially when stirring dough for a long time, some kitchen machines can quickly come to an end. Because the longer the operation lasts, the warmer the engine gets. In the operating instructions of cheaper devices is therefore stoppages fall. In order to make sure that you do not have to interrupt the work of your machine constantly, a look at the respective operating instructions helps - these are usually stored on the manufacturer's website.


Kitchen machines are also available in all shapes, colors and sizes. The size of the container is particularly important. The typical kitchen machines from Bosch, for example, have a capacity of 3.9 liters, which is perfectly adequate for everyday use. You can usually count on one liter per person.

Other machines, such as the Kenwood Cooking Chef Gourmet KCC9060S *, have a much larger capacity, while the top dog, the KitchenAid, is available in three different sizes. (3.3 liters *, 4.3 liters * and 4.8 liters *) Before buying, you should be aware of how large the quantities you want to process at the same time. If you have a lot of mouths to stuff at home or are out and about in the kitchen professionally, you should choose a larger model.

You can find great recipes and suggestions for delicious dishes in the following apps:

GIGA app tip: Food & drink


There are both kitchen machines with housings made of metal and those made of plastic. While the kitchen machines made of metal are very heavy, but also robust and long-lasting, plastic kitchen machines are easier to store due to their lighter weight. However, durability often suffers as a result - and unfortunately also stability. So if you value long fun and safety, you better use a metal kitchen machine - even if they are often more expensive.

There are also differences in the processing of the mixing bowl. Here, too, mixing bowls made of metal (longer lasting and easy to clean, but also louder) are offered as well as plastic (light and often transparent, scratched and discolored but quickly discolored). You can even find ceramic and glass bowls in the accessories shop.

Mass weight

As practical as kitchen machines are, they take up so much space in the kitchen. The actual machine is often very solid and should have its own place in the kitchen - it can't be cleared away so quickly. In addition, storage space should be considered for the numerous accessories that are necessary to benefit from all possible functions.

Of course, there are also lighter, space-saving models that can be quickly stowed away in the closet. However, there is a risk here that the lightweight machines will jump off the kitchenette in high-performance modes. This is remedied by suction cups that are attached to the floor.


The design of the food processor also plays a crucial role for many buyers. After all, the device is rarely stowed away and should not negatively catch potential guests. The classic KitchenAid Artisan, which is characterized by its retro charm, is particularly popular here. Those who value more modern appearance are well advised with the Bosch Optimum.

Accessories and additional costs

It is not only the actual price of the food processor that has to be considered when buying. If you not only need the basic functions, but also want to press pasta dough and mix smoothies, you have to purchase separately available accessories for a more or less large surcharge. With KitchenAid, in particular, this can be reached deeply again - the juicer attachment, for example, costs 229 euros. For comparison: the same attachment for the Bosch MUM58L20 costs only 80 euros.


As much time a food processor may save during the cooking process, so much more it consumes when cleaning. Some accessories have grooves and notches that can only be cleaned properly with great effort. Some parts can only be washed by hand. Before making a purchase decision, you should definitely pay attention to how easily the food processor can be disassembled and whether the majority of its individual parts are dishwasher-safe.

Kitchen machines: what accessories are there?

The question is probably more, what is not there? Depending on the brand, there are various accessories for all possible purposes. To give you a brief overview of all the accessories available, here are a few examples:

  • Different stirrers
  • Grating, cutting and rasping discs
  • Mixer and shredder
  • meat grinder
  • Juice and citrus press
  • Ice cream machine
  • Flour mill
  • Shortbread cookies
  • Pasta attachment

Buy a food processor: price and well-known brands

There is no fixed price for kitchen machines - you can find cheaper models for 100 euros as well as high-quality kitchen machines for up to 1,000 euros. Most kitchen machines, which Stiftung Warentest took a closer look at, range between 100 and 600 euros.

On top of that there are usually prices for separately available accessories, which are essential for some important functions. The devices from 200 euros are characterized by a longer durability, those from 400 euros also for processing high-quality materials. In this respect, it is worth spending a little more money on the future kitchen helper.

The probably best known kitchen machine comes from KitchenAid. But Bosch, Kenwood, Krups and Philips now also have some recommended kitchen machines in their own portfolio. And even Lidl and Aldi have their own kitchen machines on offer.

How recommendable are the kitchen machines from Lidl and Aldi?

The Silvercrest SKMP 1300 B3 was also tested by Stiftung Warentest - but the 100-euro kitchen machine was not convincing. With a school grade of 5.0 (poor), it is the worst rated food processor at Stiftung Warentest. In the meantime Lidl has also removed them from the range.

Aldi itself does not offer a kitchen machine, but the manufacturer Medion does, which is always on offer at Aldi. The foldable kitchen machine from Medion is very cheap with less than 100 euros. According to Amazon reviews, it reliably copes with easier tasks, but it already fails when it comes to kneading somewhat tougher dough. Unfortunately, small quantities like an egg cannot be processed either because the stirrer is too high.

Medion foldable food processor (MD 17664)
Medion foldable food processor (MD 17664)

Medion foldable food processor (MD 17664)

Now from € 58.30 on Amazon price can now be higher. Price from 2020-27-07 00:37 a.m.

The following applies to kitchen machines: rather invest a little more money, but also get the right quality. The Bosch MUM58L20 is recommended as a cheap alternative.

Which food processor does Jamie Oliver have?

Jamie Oliver now sells his own food processor together with Philips, the HR7782 / 00. On the manufacturer side, it is quoted in the following words:

However, the food processor is no longer available. As an alternative, we recommend the HR7778 / 00, which has even more power (1,300 instead of 1,000 watts) and is equipped with the same container (3.4 liters).

Philips HR7778 / 00 food processor
Philips HR7778 / 00 food processor

Philips HR7778 / 00 food processor

Now from € 179.00 at Amazon price can now be higher. Price from 2020-27-07 00:43 a.m.

Kitchen machines: what are the alternatives?

In addition to the classic food processor, there are also other devices that have a similar purpose, but whose focus is not necessarily on stirring food:

  • Food processors: Unlike classic kitchen machines with a swivel arm, food processors are operated from below. You can reliably knead dough, cut vegetables into small pieces and even puree them - without any expensive additional accessories. But they usually have a smaller capacity.
  • Food processors with a cooking function: Food processors with a cooking function are equipped with a heat-resistant mixing bowl, and they also have a built-in heat source. In this way, ingredients in the food processor can not only be stirred or crushed, but also cooked. The Thermomix is probably the best known food processor with a cooking function. We have looked at various kitchen machines with a cooking function and know which one is the best.

Also interesting:

Thermomix and alternatives: The best kitchen machines with cooking function 2020

  • Hand mixer with station: A cheap alternative to the kitchen machine is the hand mixer with station, such as that from Bosch. This can be used like a normal mixer. If you place it in the associated station, you can also stir the dough without supervision.
  • Of course, all desired preparation types can also be done with individual devices, which you either operate by hand or with a motor. So there are also pasta machines, shredders, hand mixers and mixers for small budgets. The advantage of a classic kitchen machine: You only need one device (but a lot of extra accessories are available) and do not have to stand next to you when processing the food.

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