Telegram Vs. Signal - Which Is Better?

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Telegram Vs. Signal - Which Is Better?
Telegram Vs. Signal - Which Is Better?

Video: Telegram Vs. Signal - Which Is Better?

Video: Telegram Vs. Signal - Which Is Better?
Video: Signal vs Telegram Which Should You Choose? 2023, September
  • Signal is the recommendation when it comes to security or data protection. Encryption at several relevant points ensures that neither the operator nor the attacker learn anything about the communication channels and participants. As open source, which is financed by donations, security is verifiable and a financial interest in the data is excluded.
  • At Telegram, you have to trust the operator with regard to data protection, which has been criticized by the well-known whistleblower Edward Snowden. Normal messages are stored unencrypted on the company servers and several countries have already tried to blackmail access to this data.

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Comparison between telegram and signal

The basic functions are similar to telegram and signal. While Telegram primarily relies on being able to be used by everyone at all times, signal protection and security come first at Signal.

feature Telegram signal
Free Yes Yes
Open source No Yes
Cloud-based Yes No
Encryption: end to end Only in "secret chats" always
Voice calls Yes Yes
Video calls No Yes
Voice messages Yes Yes
Video messaging Yes Yes
groups Yes Yes
Availability Android, iOS, desktop, browser Android, iOS, desktop
Anonymous contacts Yes No
Meets GDPR No Yes

Signal or telegram? Conclusion

When it comes to security, the decision is definitely signal. The non-commercial open source solution does not store messages or files in the cloud, simply encrypts everything and even the recipient of a message is encrypted so that attackers cannot even assign it to specific people.

In contrast, Telegram is relatively carefree with the data. Messages that are not sent as "secret" are in plain text on various international servers, which has already caused countries such as Iran and Russia to put pressure on operators.

Telegram has the advantage of easy availability: You can use Messenger on almost any platform and, if necessary, also in the browser. Group invitations via sendable links can be created quickly. Basically, Telegram almost becomes a mass-market social media service - with all the usual disadvantages. It can also happen that "unwanted content" and groups are blocked at Telegram. This is impossible with Signal because there is no way for operators to read it.

Ultimately, however, both messengers have the same problem: They are useless if the friends are not ready to switch from WhatsApp to there.

Which messenger do you use, which features are important to you and are you concerned about data protection? Take our survey and see how others see Messenger.

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