Call From 020439499421: That's Behind It

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Call From 020439499421: That's Behind It
Call From 020439499421: That's Behind It

Video: Call From 020439499421: That's Behind It

Video: Call From 020439499421: That's Behind It
Video: THE CALL (2013) FULL MOVIE 2023, September

It is not known whether the displayed telephone number 020439499421 is really real or whether it is falsified by "Call ID spoofing" through a telephone system. There are many complaints about this number on the usual portals for telephone number identification.

This is known for 020439499421:

  • As a rule, it is a female caller who asks to be connected to the manager.
  • If you ask what the call is about, the caller either answers with a vague indication of " product presentation " or even reveals that the offer is a " mineral water dispenser ".
  • The caller reacts aggressively to stubborn inquiries and often hangs up.
  • The called numbers are apparently generated randomly by a "dialing machine" and the caller does not know whether she has a business at all on the line.
  • Even with a "Business2Business call", this type of "cold call" would be illegal.
  • When a company name was understood, it was called "AVM water dispenser". There have been many complaints about this name in recent years.

If a reasonably reasonable conversation actually occurs, the caller will offer a water dispenser for a 14-day free test. If you are actually interested in a water dispenser, you will surely find a company that is more reputable. You can report such calls from 020439499421 to the Federal Network Agency. The more promising and, above all, faster method is safe if you block the number.


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Block the number 020439499421 - so it works

  • Block 020439499421 in Android phones and iPhone
  • Telekom landline customers: You can block individual numbers or number ranges online. Log in to the "Telephony Center" with your registration data.
  • If available, you can also block the number in the Fritzbox.

Since such callers try again and again and usually do not let themselves get away, blocking the telephone number is the most effective and quickest way to get rid of the harassment. If you have the time, you should also report such requests to the Federal Network Agency.

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