ESIM In The IPhone And Co .: So The Smartphone Standard Could Finally Take Off

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ESIM In The IPhone And Co .: So The Smartphone Standard Could Finally Take Off
ESIM In The IPhone And Co .: So The Smartphone Standard Could Finally Take Off

Video: ESIM In The IPhone And Co .: So The Smartphone Standard Could Finally Take Off

Video: ESIM In The IPhone And Co .: So The Smartphone Standard Could Finally Take Off
Video: eSIM: как работает и почему ЛУЧШЕ ОБЫЧНОЙ? 2023, December

Unfortunately, the eSIM is not part of the standard for all smartphones, tablets and smartwatches. For example, although Samsung launched the Gear S2 with the first device with eSIM over three years ago, none of the current South Korean smartphones still offers this feature. Exemplary, on the other hand, Apple, which already supports eSIM on a broad front. For an overview and for a better understanding of all devices with eSIM on the German market:

  • Samsung Gear S2 3G smartwatch
  • Apple Watch Series 3 and Series 4
  • iPhone XS
  • iPhone XS Max
  • iPhone XR
  • iPad Pro 2018 11 and 12.9 inches
  • iPad Air 3rd generation
  • iPad mini 5th generation
  • Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL
  • Google Pixel 3a and 3a XL

Noteworthy: With the exception of smartwatches, smartphones and tablets also support classic SIM cards (nano format). But honestly: Really many smartphone manufacturers are not yet. Where are the Android devices from Huawei, LG and others?

The support from mobile operators is also quite unsatisfactory. There are now corresponding contracts with all three major providers (Telekom, Vodafone, o2), but the otherwise flexible discounters are not exactly in a mood of optimism, only Blau and Ay Yildiz (both on the o2 network) offer contracts with eSIM support. But the advantage of a quick change of provider evaporates very quickly if there are only a few of them to choose from.

With the eSIM, these problems are a thing of the past:


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Current offers: Overview of mobile phone tariffs at Vodafone

eSIM takes off: This is how it could work

In short, an unsatisfactory situation for me, because the full potential of eSIM is not yet being used - too few manufacturers of smartphones and tablets support the standard and too little choice and flexibility with the mobile phone providers. How can you change this situation? There are two approaches.

Thought # 1: It would take a smartphone manufacturer that relies entirely on eSIM and deletes the classic SIM slot. Sounds radical, but has worked with other antiquated technologies in the past. We remember how Apple, for example, ruthlessly pushed USB and rationalized older connections, or how later optically banished drives and hard drives. If you want to keep the dual SIM feature, you could integrate two eSIMs. And yes … in the end this manufacturer would be Apple again.

Thought # 2: It would also bring an innovative mobile phone provider who, for example, offers contract options that can be canceled and booked daily. Oh already exist? That's right, I think freenet radio is very fresh, where you can simply select such things using the app. Unfortunately, it does not yet work with the eSIM and also not abroad. However, according to the provider, eSIM and multicards are currently being tested - at least.

I have to be patient and hope that the eSIM will take off at some point. With the “radical” hardware mentioned, it will probably take some time, but the mobile operators are welcome to submit. Let's keep our fingers crossed for a cardless future.

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Sven Kaulfuss
Sven Kaulfuss

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