Nintendo Switch Lite Vs. Switch - What Are The Differences?

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Nintendo Switch Lite Vs. Switch - What Are The Differences?
Nintendo Switch Lite Vs. Switch - What Are The Differences?

Video: Nintendo Switch Lite Vs. Switch - What Are The Differences?

Video: Nintendo Switch Lite Vs. Switch - What Are The Differences?
Video: Nintendo Switch VS Switch Lite 2023, September

At first glance you can see some differences between the two consoles:

Image: Nintendo, arrangement: GIGA
Image: Nintendo, arrangement: GIGA

Switch Lite



Game modes Handheld only Handheld, table and TV mode
Compatible games Titles playable in handheld mode All
Online multiplayer Yes Yes
Display 5.5 inch / 14 cm (LCD)

1280 x 720 pixel

multi-touch screen (capacitive)

display frame in the color of the console

6.2 inches / 15.7 cm (LCD)

1280 x 720 pixels

Multi-touch screen (capacitive)

Dark display frame

Video output Max. 720p in handheld mode

Max. 1080p in TV mode (docked)

Max. 720p in handheld mode

Joy-Con included No (are firmly integrated) Yes
Directional pad Yes No
Kickstand No Yes
vibration No Yes
Motion control No Yes
IR camera No Yes
Automatic brightness No Yes
Compatible with extra Joy-Cons Yes Yes
Battery life 3 - 7 hours

4.5 - 9 hours (new switch model, model number begins with "HAD")

2.5 - 6.5 hours (old switch model, model number begins with "HAC")

Battery capacity 3,570 mAh 4,310 mAh
Loading time 3 hours (in standby mode) 3 hours (in standby mode)

Standard: yellow, turquoise or gray

Limited: white with blue & red

Console: Black

Joy-Cons: Red & Blue or both Gray (Other colors available separately)

Dimensions 91.1mm x 208mm x 13.9mm

102 mm x 239 mm x 13.9 mm

(with Joy-Cons)

Weight 275 g

398 g (with Joy-Cons)

297 g (without Joy-Cons)

CPU / GPU NVIDIA Tegra chip NVIDIA Tegra chip
4 GB RAM Yes Yes
32 GB memory (expandable) Yes Yes
Stereo audio Yes Yes
2.4 & 5 GHz WiFi Yes Yes
Bluetooth 4.1 Yes Yes
NFC (for Amiibo) Yes Yes
Headphone jack Yes Yes
USB 3.0 port Yes Yes
dock No yes (with connections: 1x USB 3.0, 1x USB 2.0, HDMI)
scope of delivery

Switch Lite with integrated Joy-Cons

power supply


2 Joy-Cons


power supply



219 euros (variant: yellow, turquoise, gray)

229 euros (variant: limited edition)

299 euros

Switch Lite | Amazon

Switch Lite - Limited Edition | Amazon

Contrary to its name, the Switch Lite cannot be “switched”. This means that it can only be operated on a mobile basis and not on TV. Otherwise, it has the same connections as the switch including microSD slot. The buttons and the other controls (microSD slot, headphone jack, USB port, loudspeaker) are arranged in a similar way to the switch. However, there is no kickstand on the back of the Switch Lite to set up the console.

Are the buttons on both consoles different?

  • The Joy-Cons are firmly connected to the Switch Lite housing and cannot be removed.
  • The button configuration is similar, except that the Switch Lite has a control pad on the left side.
  • This makes retro games or 2D platforms in particular easier to use.
  • The Switch Lite buttons feel similar to the Switch buttons, but seem to "click" a little quieter when you press them.
Picture: Nintendo
Picture: Nintendo

How do the displays differ?

  • The Nintendo Switch has a 6.2-inch display, while the Switch Lite shows "only" 5.5 inches.
  • However, the remaining technical features like the resolution are the same.
  • This means that the display on the Switch Lite looks a little sharper than on the original Switch.
  • It has also been observed that the Switch Lite can have a slight yellow tinge and the original Switch is rather blue in comparison.

Smaller font: Keep in mind that fonts that were barely recognizable on the original Switch are shown even smaller on the Switch Lite. There is the zoom mode by quickly pressing the home button twice, but in the long run this can also be annoying.

Can I play all games on the Switch Lite that can be played on the Switch?

  • No. If games require rumble vibration, the Joy-Con motion control or the IR motion camera from one of the Joy-Cons, you cannot play them on the Switch Lite.
  • However, these games still work on the Switch Lite if you buy or already have separate Joy-Cons.

The following games do not work on the Switch Lite, among others:

  • Super Mario Party
  • Ring Fit Adventure
  • Nintendo Labo
  • Just dance
  • Fitness boxing
  • 1-2 switch

Can I play downloaded games on the Switch Lite and the Switch?

  • Yes. Games can be downloaded and played on multiple Nintendo Switch consoles if both consoles are linked to the same Nintendo Account.
  • The primary switch is always the one with which you opened the Nintendo eShop first with an existing internet connection.
  • So you can play your games on the Switch and the Switch Lite at the same time.

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Does the gyroscope aiming still work like on the original switch?

  • In the game "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild", for example, you can aim using the motion control instead of using the analog sticks by holding the switch in the desired direction.
  • This continues to work on the Switch Lite.

Does the rumble function in "Super Mario Odyssey" still work (moons)?

The Switch Lite has no rumble function. In “Super Mario Odyssey”, the regular switch uses the HD rumble function to show where some moons are hiding in the ground. How does that work with the Switch Lite, which no longer has an HD rumble function?

The screen content shakes instead of the controllers vibrating to different degrees

What happens if I plug the Switch Lite into a switch dock?

  • Nintendo's smaller switch console is called "Switch Lite", but it cannot "switch".
  • That means you cannot connect it to the TV, even though the USB-C output is available.
  • Because the Switch Lite does not fit in the dock of the original Switch.
  • If you force this, the Switch Lite can break.

Alternative docks: There are docks that a Switch Lite can fit in, but it still doesn't display an image on the TV. We also do not recommend using a third-party dock, as these have destroyed some switch consoles in the past.

Can I charge the Switch Lite using the Switch's power supply?

  • Yes. The included Switch Lite power supply is the same.
  • So you can charge both consoles with it.

What happens when the Joy-Cons drift on the Switch Lite?

  • If that happens, you can of course not replace it as easily as with the original switch.
  • We cannot yet estimate how reliable the Joy-Cons on the Switch Lite are.
  • However, there are already some user reports on Reddit that report a drifting Switch Lite.
  • If the Joy-Cons on the Switch Lite starts to drift, you can probably send in and repair the entire console free of charge, similar to the Joy-Cons of the Switch.

Tip: Nintendo Switch 2: What comes after the "Switch Lite"?

Hands cover the speakers on the Switch Lite?

  • If you have big hands, it can happen that you use your palm of your hand to cover the speakers attached to the bottom of the switch.
  • Then the sound sounds very muffled.
  • Then only a different posture helps or you use appropriate handles for the Switch Lite.

My Opinion: Nintendo had the first-class opportunity to call the "Switch Lite" simply "Lite Switch", but they screwed it up: D

Nintendo Switch Pro could appear without a handheld function

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Robert Schanze

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