Samsung Galaxy A50: The Best Cases And Cases For Every Situation

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Samsung Galaxy A50: The Best Cases And Cases For Every Situation
Samsung Galaxy A50: The Best Cases And Cases For Every Situation

Video: Samsung Galaxy A50: The Best Cases And Cases For Every Situation

Video: Samsung Galaxy A50: The Best Cases And Cases For Every Situation
Video: Top 5 Best Samsung Galaxy A50 Cases 2023, December


  1. Transparent covers for a clear view
  2. Robust covers for more protection
  3. Ultra thin sleeves for a slim smartphone
  4. Leather sleeves with card compartment for the most important things

Although the smartphone in this case is not made of glass, but mainly plastic, it is still worth buying a suitable case for the Samsung Galaxy A50. If you don't have a protective film on your display, for example, the screen may be damaged in the event of a fall. A suitable case can possibly protect your Galaxy A50 from such damage or unsightly scratches.

Samsung Galaxy A50: Clear silicone case

If you don't want to hide the design and colors of the Galaxy A50, a transparent cover is the perfect choice. The case manufacturer "Spigen", which is particularly well-known in the USA, provides the right case for it without attracting unnecessary attention.


Spigen Liquid Crystal Case:

  • Transparent cover made of flexible silicone
  • Raised edges around the display and the cam
  • Dot pattern prevents water stains on the cover
  • High quality and still cheap

Spigen Liquid Crystal at Amazon: 7.99 euros

Alternative: Transparent protective cover from Beetop for 7.99 euros

Samsung Galaxy A50: Robust case from Spigen with kickstand for frequent watchers

If you want a little more security for your A50 and don't mind a thicker case, the "Spigen Slim Armor" is a good choice. The case remains relatively slim despite the additional protection. It consists of a hard and a flexible component and even has a kickstand for the table.


Spigen Slim Armor:

  • Pretty tough
  • Consists of a flexible inner shell and a harder outer shell
  • Kickstand: The smartphone can be set up with a fold-out stand

Spigen Slim Armor at Amazon: 16.99 euros

Alternative: Cover with kickstand / ring from Y&EU for 9.99 euros

Samsung Galaxy A50: Thin sleeves for a slim smartphone

If you only want to protect the surface of your cell phone from scratches and everyday influences and don't want to make your A50 unnecessarily thicker with a cover, you should buy a particularly thin case. In the event of a fall, however, these covers offer practically no shock absorption to prevent major damage. A protective film for the display is particularly important here.


Thin protective cover from EIISSION:

  • Very thin
  • Protection ring around the camera
  • Hard plastic cover

Thin protective cover from EIISSION at Amazon: 8.98 euros

Alternative: X-level Soft Flex TPU case for 9.99 euros

Samsung Galaxy A50: Leather cases with card holder

If you don't always want to carry your wallet with you, you can store some cards and notes in an elegant leather case.


Mulbess leather case:

  • Made of PU leather
  • Space for cards and banknotes
  • Wallet look

Mullbess leather case at Amazon: 13.99 euros

Alternative: HOOMIL leather flip case for 12.35 euros

Which case style do you like best, thin or robust? Do you have other cases for the Samsung Galaxy A50 that you can recommend? Let us know in the comments below the article.

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