Goodbye AirPods: Hey Apple, Stinginess Is Sometimes Awesome

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Goodbye AirPods: Hey Apple, Stinginess Is Sometimes Awesome
Goodbye AirPods: Hey Apple, Stinginess Is Sometimes Awesome

Video: Goodbye AirPods: Hey Apple, Stinginess Is Sometimes Awesome

Video: Goodbye AirPods: Hey Apple, Stinginess Is Sometimes Awesome
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I found it a few weeks ago with the Aukey EP-T21. The brand has been running alongside Anker for years at Amazon. I hit the special price for the cheap earphones of just under 26 euros (currently for over 40 euros) and don't have to think long.

Buy Aukey EP-T21 from Amazon

The shape is reminiscent of Apple's model, but not in innocent white, but in matt black. The in-ear fits so far in my ears - three different sized attachments are included. Tip: The hold is even better with foam attachments. The sound is convincing, fairly balanced and is also well isolated from the ambient noise. The touch control is a bit "tricky" at first. But I will soon have the hang of it too: Just put your finger on the entire length of the "stub", not just at the top.

There are also disadvantages: Few, certainly the connection to the iPhone. There was already a little "hanger". In this case, simply plug the plugs back into the charging cradle and take them out again, then the Bluetooth connection works. It doesn't work as comfortably and automatically as with the AirPods, especially if you want to switch between the devices. The typical Bluetooth chaos. Since it usually works without problems, I can live with it, especially with regard to the price.

But the most important thing: If the earphones get lost or the battery dies in 2 to 3 years, it hurts less. Until then, I will use the comfort of real True Wireless earphones.

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Bottom line: Goodbye AirPods … thanks anyway

So Apple, stinginess can sometimes be awesome. Nevertheless, many thanks to the manufacturer and the early adopters for the initial spark. It is only thanks to you that there are these inexpensive imitators that have already achieved a decent quality. Muchas gracias.

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Sven Kaulfuss
Sven Kaulfuss

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