Samsung Galaxy A50: Install & Play Fortnite - Is That Possible?

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Samsung Galaxy A50: Install & Play Fortnite - Is That Possible?
Samsung Galaxy A50: Install & Play Fortnite - Is That Possible?


No, at the current time you cannot play Fortnite on the Samsung Galaxy A50.

Why is that?

Fortnite for Android is currently still in beta. Epic Games is still working on optimizing the application for smartphones with Google's operating system. Devices that are not supported will display the screen below. At the latest when you start the game yourself, you will be informed that your GPU (ARM Mali-G72 MP3) is not compatible.


But there is still hope for you. The developer will of course expand the list of compatible smartphones in the future to be able to support as many devices as possible. Even if the A50 is currently outside, this can change in the course of the beta phase. If a model is not yet on the list, it is not completely excluded. Epic Games also mentions general requirements:

Minimum requirement for Fortnite (Android)

  • Operating system: Android 8.0 or higher (not mandatory), 64 bit is recommended
  • RAM: 3 GB or more
  • Graphics processor: Adreno 530 or higher, Mali-G71 MP20, Mali-G72 MP12 or higher

We tested the camera of the Samsung Galaxy A50 for you:


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Samsung Galaxy A50: play Fortnite anyway - what should I watch out for?

There are some videos on the Internet showing Fortnite on the Galaxy A50. So can you play with a trick despite the lack of support?

Yes and no, you can "force" the app to start by changing various parameters with an APK file editor. This is not only complicated, but also not really optimal. Many users report that although they get into the menu and the preparation screen, during an actual Battle Royal game the connection is immediately lost and thrown out of the game. You can also see some performance problems.

So it's not really a viable solution for a pleasant gaming experience. Should Epic Games still improve, it is quite possible that a middle-class cell phone like the A50 will enjoy the multiplayer hit in the future.

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