Tariff Recommendation: Telekom Network, 6 GB LTE Data Volume & € 300 Gift Coupon

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Tariff Recommendation: Telekom Network, 6 GB LTE Data Volume & € 300 Gift Coupon
Tariff Recommendation: Telekom Network, 6 GB LTE Data Volume & € 300 Gift Coupon

At MediaMarkt there is currently a tariff deal that sounds really tempting. You get the "green LTE 6GB Promotion" tariff from Mobilcom Debitel in the telecom network at a price of just € 16.99 a month. Instead of a smartphone, MediaMarkt is adding a € 300 gift coupon this time, which can be redeemed at MediaMarkt. There is also no connection fee, which will result in the following price in two years:

Tariff: 16.99 euros x 24 months = 407.76 euros

If you subtract the 300 euros of the gift coupon from the total, you end up with 107.76 euros. That is 4,49 euros per month. An SMS flat rate is not included. EU roaming, of course, is. The maximum LTE speed is 21.6 Mbit / s.

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Important information about the MediaMarkt gift coupon:

  • As soon as the cancellation period has expired, the € 300 gift coupon will be sent by email.
  • The coupon is valid for six months and must be redeemed completely for a single purchase. A cash payment is not possible.
  • The gift coupon cannot be used for prepaid cards, services and the like.
  • All details on the conditions can be found here.

Since Christmas is just around the corner, you will definitely get rid of the 300-euro gift coupon and can make a large purchase - or treat yourself to something. In the next six months there will probably be one or two campaigns at MediaMarkt where you can strike.

In order for the tariff deal to remain so attractive, you have to cancel within the 24 months. The easiest way is via subscription alarm.

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For whom is this tariff deal worthwhile?

For everyone who is currently looking for a SIM-only tariff in the telecom network at an affordable price and can do without sending SMS. If you can't do this, need more data volume or would rather have a cell phone instead of a gift coupon, you should stop by here.

Peter Hryciuk
Peter Hryciuk

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