Big Deal: 5 GB, Vodafone-LTE & Allnet-Flat For 7.99 Euros A Month

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Big Deal: 5 GB, Vodafone-LTE & Allnet-Flat For 7.99 Euros A Month
Big Deal: 5 GB, Vodafone-LTE & Allnet-Flat For 7.99 Euros A Month

Video: Big Deal: 5 GB, Vodafone-LTE & Allnet-Flat For 7.99 Euros A Month

Video: Big Deal: 5 GB, Vodafone-LTE & Allnet-Flat For 7.99 Euros A Month
Video: Как получить БЕСПЛАТНО 200 ГБ данных на вашей сим-карте Vodafone 2021 2023, September

Update from April 23, 2020: Unfortunately, Preisbörse24 deleted the 30-euro Amazon voucher as a bonus. The tariffs are of course still available at the old conditions and remain excellent.

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Original article:

Really good tariff deals with the Vodafone network are rare. At price exchange24 you can currently get the tariff "Otelo Flat L Rakuten allmobil LTE" for an effective 7.99 euros per month. Both a telephone and SMS flat rate are included. The 5 GB data volume can be used in the Vodafone LTE network with a maximum of 21.6 Mbit / s. So far, there was only 4 GB of LTE data volume.

Overview of the tariff details:

  • Provider: Preisbörse24
  • Network: Vodafone (Otelo)
  • Allnet flat in all German networks
  • SMS flat in all German networks
  • 5 GB LTE data volume
  • LTE speed max. 21.6 Mbit / s download, max. 3.6 Mbit / s upload

    After consumption of the included data volume: max. 64.4 kbps upload and download

  • EU roaming included
  • Basic fee per month: 7.99 euros
  • Deployment fee: 19.99 euros
  • Number transfer to this contract: € 50 exchange bonus
  • Data automatic: no

To the offer at Preisbörse24

Usually you have to pay 24.99 euros per month for this tariff. For 24 months you get a discount of 17 euros directly from the network provider, so you only have to pay 7.99 euros within the first 24 months. In the price range, that's a really good deal on the Vodafone network. Otherwise you can only get the poorer o2 network in many areas at comparable prices. Nice detail: there is no automatic data, so there is no need to fear additional costs after using up the data volume. If you take your phone number from another provider, you will receive an additional 50 euros as a change bonus.

Everything you need to know about 3G shutdown:

3G is switched off. And now?

For whom is the offer worthwhile?

For everyone who doesn't spend a lot of money on a good cell phone contract every month, but still doesn't want to do without the Vodafone network. You will be somewhat slowed down by the internet speed compared to the much more expensive tariffs directly at Vodafone, but you still have enough bandwidth available for everything that you typically do on your cell phone. Contrary to what was common around a year ago, thankfully there is "real" LTE available for mobile internet and not the worse HSDPA.

To the offer at Preisbörse24

If the 5 GB LTE data volume is not enough, you can take out the same tariff with 7 GB LTE data volume for EUR 11.99 a month. Here the discount at the normal price is even 18 euros per month. If you take your number with you, you will also receive 50 euros. You can also find this tariff on the landing page allmobile at Preisboerse24. Both very good offers.

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