OLED TVs On Offer: TVs From Philips And LG In The MediaMarkt Brochure

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OLED TVs On Offer: TVs From Philips And LG In The MediaMarkt Brochure
OLED TVs On Offer: TVs From Philips And LG In The MediaMarkt Brochure

Video: OLED TVs On Offer: TVs From Philips And LG In The MediaMarkt Brochure

Video: OLED TVs On Offer: TVs From Philips And LG In The MediaMarkt Brochure
Video: Media Markt TV 2023, September

LG OLED55B9DLA: OLED TV, 55 inches

Now from € 1,042.06 at Mediamarkt Price Comparison Price can now be higher. Price from 26.07.2020 23:23 p.m.

This is a 2019 model with a 55-inch screen size. Even if the B series is always slightly slimmed down compared to the C series, all important features are included: Of course, the excellent picture of the in-house OLED panels, which supports 4R resolution, HDR10 / HLG and Dolby Vision - important for example Netflix.

The powerful quad-core processor with α7 Gen2 coprocessor for image enhancement, a tuner for DVB-T2 HD, DVB-C, DVB-S and DVB-S2 and LG's good operating system webOS 4.5 together with all relevant apps for streaming services. Operation is via LG's great remote control Magic Remote. HDMI 2.1, a 120 Hz panel, support for VRR (variable image refresh rates, comparable to FreeSync) and an ultra-low latency mode also make the device the perfect television for gamers, who also harmonize with the next generation game consoles becomes.

GIGA assessment: With 1,111 euros, the LG OLED55B9DLA is currently available at a very good price, according to idealo, the normal price is 1,299 euros. In our opinion, this is an excellent OLED TV for gamers, but also extremely strong in general use.

If you want to use your TV mainly for films and series, the following alternative could also be something.

OLED TV 2: Philips 55OLED754 / 12


Philips 55OLED754 / 12: 55 inch OLED TV, 4K, 3-way Ambilight

Now from € 1,225.21 at Amazon Similar offer at Mediamarkt Similar offer at Saturn Price can now be higher. Price from 2020-27-07 02:13 am

A current 55-inch OLED device from Philips with 3-way Ambilight, 4K resolution, 120 Hz and all relevant HDR standards. As with all current OLED TVs, the panel is made by LG. The tuner supports the DVB-T2 HD, DVB-C and DVB-S standards. Philips trumps here as in many other own models with its Ambilight technology. This illuminates the wall behind the TV with LEDs. This is atmospheric, easy on the eyes, at least in the perception, the picture becomes a bit "bigger". Also read: The best TVs 2020 in the test

In addition to Dolby Vision, this Philips model also supports the (not quite as widespread) HDR standard HDR10 +. In terms of gaming features, the 55OLED754 / 12 cannot quite keep up with the aforementioned LG model because neither HDMI 2.1 nor VRR are supported. Some experts also criticize Philips' own operating system Saphi, which does not quite match Android TV or webOS in terms of performance and app variety. If you only need your TV anyway for serial television and / or material from external sources such as streaming sticks, set-top boxes, satellite receivers or game consoles, it doesn't matter.

GIGA assessment: At 1,099 euros, the 55OLED754 / 12 is, according to idealo, just cheaper than ever. Thanks to Ambilight, film fans can really enjoy the model. If you don't need Ambilight, you should rather use the LG.

More TV offers

There are other televisions in the brochure at good prices. Here is an overview:

  • Sony KD-75XG8505 (75 inches) for 1,499 euros: LED TV, large, with good picture quality and Android TV. Current best price.
  • Philips 65OLED804 / 12 (65 inches) for 2,199 euros: OLED TV with Ambilight and Android TV. Stiftung Warentest: 1.8 "good". Good offer at the current best price, but recently there was also less than 2,000 euros
  • Sony KD-65XG9505 (65 inches) for 1,199 euros: LED TV with top picture thanks to FALD and Android TV, but a little longer on the market. Historic best price.
  • LG OLED65C97LA (65 inches) for 1,999 euros: Excellent large OLED television with numerous technical refinements. But there are significantly cheaper elsewhere - see idealo.
  • LG 65UM7050PLA (65 inches) for 599 euros: Large middle class at a historic best price.
  • Samsung GQ55Q80 (55 inches) for 1,599 euros: QLED television with very good picture (Stiftung Warentest: 1.6 "good"). However, clearly too expensive in the market and price comparison.
  • Samsung UE55RU7099UXZG (55 inches) for 429 euros: mid-range from Samsung. Current best price due to free shipping.
  • HiSense H55B7100 (55 inches) for 349 euros: insider tip in terms of price-performance ratio. Top TV for small budgets! Current best price.
  • Panasonic TX-50GXW804 (50 inches) for 688 euros: Good LED TV (Stiftung Warentest: 2.2 "good") of medium size, current best price.
  • LG 43UM74507LA (43 inches) for 333 euros: Inexpensive compact. It makes sense if you have little space. Otherwise use the HiSense. Current best price.
  • OK. ODL 32653HS-TB (32 inches) for 99 euros: HD television from MediaSaturn's own brand. If the main thing is that a picture comes: OK.
  • OK. OLE 24750HV-TB DVD (24 inches) for 188 euros: HD TV with integrated DVD player. Extremely small for a television, too low resolution for a monitor. Do not buy.
Corinna Larsen
Corinna Larsen

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