Free Software For Creative People In The Home Office: Professionals Get That For Free

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Free Software For Creative People In The Home Office: Professionals Get That For Free
Free Software For Creative People In The Home Office: Professionals Get That For Free

Video: Free Software For Creative People In The Home Office: Professionals Get That For Free

Video: Free Software For Creative People In The Home Office: Professionals Get That For Free
Video: Top 10 Free Alternatives to Expensive Software! 2021 2023, September

Hardly any other company offers creative people so many tools: video editing, image processing, layout, illustration and many more. Yet until August 17, 2020 owners can a Creative Cloud single license from the remote cooperation in Premiere Pro and After Effects by Adobe Team Projects benefit. This makes it easier than ever to implement projects regardless of your location by synchronizing changes in the cloud.

In addition, schoolchildren and students can use the device-bound licenses for the Creative Cloud from home until May 31, 2020. You can find out more about this and what other changes there are currently at Adobe on the official website.

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Autodesk: Extended Access program

With Autodesk's Extended Access program, the company is launching an initiative to make the switch to remote work easier. For this purpose, a generous software package was put together, which can still be used completely free of charge until May 31, 2020 for commercial purposes. Programs like AutoCAD Mobile and Web, BIM 360 Design and Docs as well as Fusion 360 and Shotgun are included.

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Blender: New content every day

Blender is an extremely popular 3D graphics suite that is used, among other things, for modeling or animating objects. Since it is open source software, it can be used for free anyway. In addition, the creators have decided to produce new content every day in the form of livestreams. In this way, interested parties can expand their knowledge with the software and generally continue their education. Great thing!

Download the latest version of Blender

Chaos Group: Discounted Chaos Cloud

Chaos Cloud allows you to have projects rendered directly in the cloud. Similar to cloud gaming offers, the necessary computing power is made available to you externally. So-called credits are required for each order, but the final costs differ depending on the effort. These credits are currently significantly cheaper than usual. The offer is valid until May 21, 2020.

Try Chaos Cloud for free and secure 20 credits

Working in the home office is guaranteed to be easier:

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Epic Games: Webinars and Unreal Online Learning

Don't worry, you don't have to start playing Fortnite now. Instead, Epic Games would like to help you reach new creative heights with webinars and free content on the Unreal Marketplace. Likewise, students with Unreal Online Learning are offered the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the Unreal Engine through free video courses. In addition, students can face the Unreal Fast Track challenge until May 4, 2020.

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OBS: Tips for future streamers

OBS is a specially designed application for streamers, which should support you when streaming live. Now that more people than ever are sitting at home and spending time gambling, among other things, many may be thinking about starting their careers as streamers. On the occasion of this, the developers provide you with useful tips. If you are still looking for the right equipment, we have put together a streaming starter package for you:

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How about a sporty break in between? Here are some app recommendations on our part:


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Unity: #PlayApartTogether

In addition to the Unreal Engine, you can currently also expand your knowledge of using Unity. With their initiative, the developers want to encourage people to play at home, or even better: to program games themselves. Therefore, you can currently use Unity Learn Premium completely free of charge until June 20, 2020. You also get access to the virtual live classes "Create with Code", in which you can learn to program games step by step.

Use Unity Learn Premium for free

Open source vs. commercial software - what do you use?

The open source community offers a free alternative for almost every commercially successful program. Regardless of whether you follow the ideal of open source or just like to get your software free of charge: In this survey we have put the large commercial programs against their respective free counterparts and want to ask you what you use and / or prefer.

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