Good Girls Season 3: When Will The Sequel Come To Netflix?

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Good Girls Season 3: When Will The Sequel Come To Netflix?
Good Girls Season 3: When Will The Sequel Come To Netflix?

Video: Good Girls Season 3: When Will The Sequel Come To Netflix?

Video: Good Girls Season 3: When Will The Sequel Come To Netflix?
Video: GOOD GIRLS Season 4 Release Date Set for 2021 on NBC & Netflix as Agent Donnegan Gets Closer 2023, December

As the website Variety reports, the story about suburban mothers was extended early in the course of the second season. So the downward spiral of money laundering and drug trafficking definitely continues with “Good Girls” season 3. The series' official Twitter channel also spoke up and confirmed the new episodes:

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"Good Girls": Season 3 launch date on Netflix - when will it continue?

At the current time there is no concrete information about a start date of the third season of "Good Girls".

While the episodes of the drama in the US on NBC always started from February to March, Netflix released the series in Germany in the middle of the year. Even without the official announcement of a start date, one can already speculate about possible dates.

If you stick to the roughly one-year rhythm on the streaming platform, fans of "Good Girls" season 3 could find Netflix in May / June 2020 at the earliest. Here, however, you will have to orientate yourself to NBC. Internationally, new episodes were always available digitally on Netflix only after the entire TV broadcast. If there is any delay, the start on Netflix could also be postponed. As soon as there is an official start date, you will find out here.


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Action of the 3rd season: how could it go on?

How exactly the story will continue is not yet clear. At the end of season two, maker Jenna Bans leaves a few things unanswered after we see the supposedly last breaths from Rio, which Beth shot several times. However, Turner offers him a deal to save his life. We only find out in season 3 whether he is really dead and whether Beth will be successful with her own counterfeit money.

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How many Netflix series are you watching at the same time?

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