A Discovery Of Witches: Season 2 - Date And Action

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A Discovery Of Witches: Season 2 - Date And Action
A Discovery Of Witches: Season 2 - Date And Action

Video: A Discovery Of Witches: Season 2 - Date And Action

Video: A Discovery Of Witches: Season 2 - Date And Action
Video: Diana & Matthew 2x06 2023, December

The first book and season 1 of “A Discovery of Witches” ended with a journey back in time to Matthew's past. With this, the witch Diana and the vampire Matthew wanted to escape the persecution by the congregation and at the same time find a powerful witch who can take over Diana's training. They also hope to find the missing book “Ashmole 782” in 16th century Elizabethan London.

Teresa Palmer has already given a taste of what costumes await you on Instagram:

From now on spoilers are at risk

In the past, Diana and Matthew can hide from the congregation of our time, but there are other dangers: they end up in a time of witch hunts, religious wars and, to make matters worse, Matthews father demands to see him immediately in France.

But there are also many good things. Diana and Matthew finally find a common rhythm of life and Diana meets the right witches to advance their education. She also has to recognize that she is not an ordinary witch, but something special.

The hunt for Ashmole 782 leads the two of them across Europe, meeting some of the most important minds of the time. Not least on Queen Elisabeth …

When does A Discovery of Witches season 2 start?

The main actress Teresa Palmer gave birth to her third child in April. The shooting of the first season took half a year. If you take this shooting time and an appropriate recovery period after the birth into account, you should not be able to expect the next season until spring / summer 2020 at the earliest.

But it may be a little faster! Teresa Palmer has just posted a photo of herself and her offspring in the wardrobe of the series in her Instagram account:

And as can be seen in the series' Instagram channel, shooting started on June 10, 2019:

Ultimately, however, with a filming time of 6 months and a post-production phase, that means that the earliest start is in early 2020.

Our tip: either read all three books in the story of Diana and Matthew Bishop-Clairmont or at least prepare yourself for the next season with the second book. If you already know all three books, a bonus tip: Deborah Harkness published another novel in the series on July 22, 2019. Until the end of eternity, Phoebe's transformation into a vampire deals. The young auction house clerk who Matthew's son Marcus has fallen in love with wants to become his wife. But first she wants to be turned into a vampire. And as you can imagine, a lot comes up. Of course there is also a reunion with Diana and Matthew. It is hoped that Sky will make another season out of it.

By the way, you can follow the shooting progress of "A Discovery of Witches" season 2 on the Twitter account of the author Deborah Harkness. She regularly reports on the shooting of the series:

Tweets by DebHarkness

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