My Hero Academia: Season 4 In The Stream (OmU) + Episode List

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My Hero Academia: Season 4 In The Stream (OmU) + Episode List
My Hero Academia: Season 4 In The Stream (OmU) + Episode List

Video: My Hero Academia: Season 4 In The Stream (OmU) + Episode List

Video: My Hero Academia: Season 4 In The Stream (OmU) + Episode List
Video: My Hero Academia OST - Might+U 2023, September

The fourth season of "My Hero Academia" is currently still running in Japan and can be seen in Germany as a simulcast on the anime streaming service "Anime on Demand" (AoD). The current episode is always available on Saturdays from 10:30 a.m. in Japanese original with German subtitles (OmU) on AoD.

"My Hero Academia" Season 4 is part of the subscription content of the streaming service. For € 9.99 per month you can access all the episodes of "My Hero Academia" currently broadcast as well as many other anime on AoD. Alternatively, you can also buy the individual episodes digitally (EUR 2.49 per episode) or borrow them (EUR 0.99 per episode).

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My Hero Academia - Season 4 | Official trailer

German synchronization (GerDub) - DVD release and Netflix premiere?

One is currently waiting in Germany for the German setting of the third season of "My Hero Academia". The DVD release of the season box should start in May 2020. Until we hear the fourth season in German, it will take some time to get around the country. We do not expect the German version of "My Hero Academia" Season 4 until mid-2021.

A Netflix release is not yet known. If everything goes well, Netflix viewers will only see the second season this year - the fourth season is still in the distant future.


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Episode list - "My Hero Academia" S4

episode German title OmU (AoD)
1 (64) Focus on Yuei class 1A 2019-12-10
2 (65) Overhaul October 19, 2019
3 (66) Boy meets … 2019-26-10
4 (67) Against fate 09.11.2019
5 (68) Show guts! Let's go, Red Riot! November 16, 2019
6 (69) An uncomfortable conversation 2019-23-11
7 (70) Go !! 2019-30-11
8 (71) Suneater from the Big Three 07.12.2019
9 (72) Red Riot 2019-14-12
10 (73) Transfer 2019-21-12
11 (74) Lemillion 2019-28-12
12 (75) An invisible hope 04.01.2020
13 (76) 100 percent without limit 2020-01-11
14 (77) A bright future January 18, 2020
15 (78) Smoldering flames 2020-01-25
16 (79) Win the hearts of the tots! 2020-01-02
17 (80) The cozy special exam course 08.02.2020
18 (81) TBA February 15, 2020
19 (82) TBA 2020-22-02
20 (83) TBA probably 29.02.2020
21 (84) TBA probably 07.03.2020
22 (85) TBA probably 14.03.2020
23 (86) TBA probably 21.03.2020
24 (87) TBA probably 28.03.2020
25 (88) TBA probably 04.04.2020

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