Better Call Saul Season 5: Today Episode 8 In The Stream (Netflix) + Episode Guide, Trailer & More

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Better Call Saul Season 5: Today Episode 8 In The Stream (Netflix) + Episode Guide, Trailer & More
Better Call Saul Season 5: Today Episode 8 In The Stream (Netflix) + Episode Guide, Trailer & More

Video: Better Call Saul Season 5: Today Episode 8 In The Stream (Netflix) + Episode Guide, Trailer & More

Video: Better Call Saul Season 5: Today Episode 8 In The Stream (Netflix) + Episode Guide, Trailer & More
Video: Better Call Saul S05 E08 Clip | 'The Shootout' | Rotten Tomatoes TV 2023, December

The fifth and penultimate season of "Better Call Saul" will start exclusively on Netflix on February 24, 2020. The episodes then always appear on the streaming service the day after the US premiere in Germany. So you can see the current episode of "Better Call Saul" season 5 every Tuesday. The short description and all known broadcast dates can be found in the episode guide.


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Episode Guide - "Better Call Saul" S5

episode German title Original title DE premiere
1 (41) The magician Magic man 24.02.2020

Despite Kim's concerns, Jimmy begins his new existence as Saul. Lalo thwarts Gus' laundry plans. Gene threatens to be exposed in Omaha.

2 (42) 50 percent discount 50% off 25.02.2020
Jimmy faces a flood of clients after being promoted. Nacho is put under pressure by Gus and takes a big risk to win Lalo's trust.
3 (43) The man for it The Guy For This 2020-03-03

Lalo commissions Saul on a mission. Kim is caught by an emergency at Mesa Verde Bank. Two DEA agents visit Domingo in prison.

4 (44) Namaste Namaste 2020-10-03

Jimmy is considering an offer from Howard. Kim is tackling the mesa verde crisis with a new strategy. Hank and Steve watch Gus' handover site.

5 (45) With full commitment Dedicado a Max 2020-17-03

Mike wakes up wounded and far from home. Saul pulls out all the stops to keep his newest client from being kicked out. Kim intrigues against Mesa Verde.

6 (46) Wexler./. Goodman Wexler v. Goodman 24.03.2020

Jimmy commissions his film company to strike Mesa Verde. Kim is gradually becoming haunted by doubts. Mike sets a trap for Lalo.

7 (47) JMM JMM March 31, 2020
While Jimmy and Kim try to contain the negative consequences of the meeting with Mesa Verde, Lalo makes an impossible claim and plans his revenge against Gus.
8 (48) Middleman Bagman 2020-07-04
Jimmy wants to do a lucrative job for Lalo. A painful desert odyssey awaits him.
9 (49) TBA Bad Choice Road 2020-14-04
10 (50) TBA Something unforgivable April 21, 2020

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better call saul season 5
better call saul season 5

Jesse Pinkman in "Better Call Saul"? Rumors are growing

The "Better Call Saul" heading ever closer to the original series has been noticed in previous seasons. And creator of both series, Vince Gilligan, has long been certain that there will be a larger crossover. The only question here is how to credibly bring Aaron Paul (Jesse Pinkman) and Bryan Cranston (Walter White) into the story. Since the fourth season, at least in its intro sequences, already contained material that took place during the "Breaking Bad" period, you might get the hang of it.

In an interview with the online magazine digitalspy, Aaron Paul again made a positive statement about an appearance in the spin-off:

The question Paul is concerned with is when the scenes would play with them. Because even if he doesn't look "old", he is definitely not 16:

With Gustavo Fring, Hector Salamanca, Victor, Francesca and the previously only mentioned Lalo, alongside Jimmy and Mike some well-known characters from the "Breaking Bad" universe appeared in "Better Call Saul". The two main characters, Jesse Pinkman and Walter White, have not even had a cameo yet.

Again and again it was speculated that the two "Breaking Bad" protagonists will eventually appear in "Better Call Saul". At the moment, however, it is more likely in the sixth and last season - there is currently no official information as to whether we will even see either of them in "Better Call Saul".


"Better Call Saul" Season 5: Announcement from AMC

Even before the start of the fourth season, US broadcaster AMC officially announced the fifth season at Comic-Con. The announcement is not really a surprise, since series creator Vince Gilligan had previously announced a crossover with the mother series "Breaking Bad". The creators want to introduce several important characters from "Breaking Bad" into the prequel around the sleazy lawyer Jimmy McGill aka Saul Goodman.

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