Don't Worry About Returns: Amazon Solves A Huge Customer Problem

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Don't Worry About Returns: Amazon Solves A Huge Customer Problem
Don't Worry About Returns: Amazon Solves A Huge Customer Problem

Video: Don't Worry About Returns: Amazon Solves A Huge Customer Problem

Video: Don't Worry About Returns: Amazon Solves A Huge Customer Problem
Video: How Amazon Returns Work 2023, December

First of all, it is important that Prime Wardrobe is not available for the entire clothing range. Only selected items have the option "Try on 7 days, then pay" at the top right of the order button. If you activate it, the ordering process changes and instead of "Add to shopping cart" there is now "Add to Prime Wardrobe". And this is where it gets interesting, because with this way of shopping you cannot order and try out an article - at least two must be. There are a few rules for Prime Wardrobe that we list below.


How to order with Amazon Prime Wardrobe:

  1. First you have to find articles in Prime Wardrobe. They are available for women, men, children and babies. You can also search for an article and then select "Prime Wardrobe" in the search field.
  2. As soon as you have found the first item you want to order, select the "Prime Wardrobe" option and then click on the "Add to Prime Wardrobe" button.
  3. Now you will see your Prime Wardrobe shopping basket, which contains one item and has space for 5 more.

Important: You have to put at least 2 different items in your virtual shopping cart before you can send the order. A maximum of 6 items are allowed per order. Two identical articles may not be inserted. They have to differ in size or design / color.

  1. If you have selected enough items, you can click on the "Go to Prime Wardrobe Shopping Cart " button, where you will then see an overview.
  2. There you can click the button " For shipping" so that the order is sent to you.
  3. Now you have 7 days to try on the clothes and then send back those that you don't like or don't like.
  4. During this time, you should mark what you want to keep under My orders. The final invoice is then created and debited from these articles.

If you do not mark anything, the entire delivery will be charged. However, you will receive a reminder email beforehand.

The return is free of charge and for this purpose each shipment contains a prepared return label. You can see the status of the return at any time in the return center.


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Order and try on with Prime Wardrobe - these are the rules

The main rules for Prime Wardrobe first:

  1. Can only be used by Prime members. (Start the 30 day Prime free period here).
  2. The recipient address must be in Germany or Austria.

You also have to follow these rules:

  • Only one Prime Wardrobe order is possible and you cannot use the service again at the same time until the purchase is completed.
  • At least 2 items must be ordered and a maximum of 6 items will be shipped in one order.
  • The items must all be different. So not twice the same hat in the same color and size. That would be nonsense in a changing room.
  • The fitting time is 7 calendar days, counting from the day of delivery.
  • During these 7 days you have to indicate under "My orders" which item you want to keep. Then only these will be charged and no others will be inadvertently debited.
  • The items must be returned with all labels, bags, boxes, hangers etc. and must not be worn, washed or damaged.
  • Payment is only possible by direct debit or credit card. Vouchers cannot be used.
  • You can also pack several partial deliveries together in a box and use one of the return labels for this.

In general, however, no other rules apply to the articles as for every online order. Your right to complain or withdraw remains unaffected. So if something breaks within the warranty period, you can still exchange as normal. But otherwise you should treat the parts of Prime Wardrobe as if they were garments in any dressing room: put them on carefully, check their fit and appearance and return them properly if you don't like them.

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