TV NOW PREMIUM (+) Price 2020: Offer, Functions And Costs

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TV NOW PREMIUM (+) Price 2020: Offer, Functions And Costs
TV NOW PREMIUM (+) Price 2020: Offer, Functions And Costs

Video: TV NOW PREMIUM (+) Price 2020: Offer, Functions And Costs

Video: TV NOW PREMIUM (+) Price 2020: Offer, Functions And Costs
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Above all, the in-house productions for and by RTL. With TV NOW PREMIUM you have the opportunity, for example, to watch all the episodes of "good times, bad times" that have been broadcast since the series started in 1992. The same also applies to “Unter Uns”, “Everything that counts”, “Berlin - Tag & Nacht” or “Köln 50667”. If you don't have the daily soaps, you will find the complete series or at least a large archive of episodes of "Alarm for Cobra 11", "The Teacher", "Medicopter 117", "The Perfect Dinner" and many, many more German series and broadcasts.

But also outside of German productions, there are many top-class international series on TV NOW. So you can see the current episodes or even whole seasons of "The Handmaid's Tale", "The Good Doctor", "Modern Family", "The Murders of Mr ABC" or "Downton Abbey" on RTL's streaming offer. By merging with WATCHBOX you will find a whole series of anime series such as "Naruto Shippuden", "Danganronpa" or "Higurashi no Naku Koro ni" as well as niche productions and indie films.

And then there are the documentaries and reports from ntv, sports highlights such as football games and Formula 1 races, advice, cooking and comedy programs. Overall, a large selection of content, only the meager offer of blockbuster films is a bit negative.

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TV NOW PREMIUM: Overview of costs & functions


- costs -
Free 4.99 euros / month 7.99 euros / month
- functions -
  • Programs up to at least 7 days after TV broadcast
  • SD quality (up to 1.5 Mbit / s)
  • Bookmarks
  • All functions of TV NOW FREE and:
  • HD quality
  • TV NOW premium app
  • Live streams from the 14 TV stations
  • individual commercial before the broadcast begins
  • Video-on-demand: whole seasons, films & more
  • Exclusive content: TV NOW Originals and exclusive series
  • Pre-TV: Stream programs 7 days before TV broadcasts
  • All functions of TV NOW PREMIUM and:
  • Parallel streaming on 2 devices
  • Selected content as original version
  • Almost all content completely without advertising
- Supported devices / apps -

Browser (Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, IE)

  • Browser (Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, IE)
  • Tablet & smartphone (Android & iOS)
  • Unitymedia Horizon / Legacy Box
  • Telekom Next Generation Box
  • Samsung Tizen
  • Chromecast
  • Android TV
  • Fire TV
  • AirPlay
- Stations in live streams -

No live streams

  • RTL
  • VOX
  • RTL2
  • ntv
  • RTL plus
  • VOX up
  • Super RTL
  • TOGGO Plus
  • NOW!
  • RTL passion
  • RTL crime
  • RTL living
  • GEO Television

How do you watch films & series?

Thanks to streaming services, you are no longer dependent on linear television programs and the constant repetition of TV channels. The long train journey can be shortened with a film on your smartphone. And thanks to the increasingly affordable prices and better lamp life, more and more people can now fulfill their dream of a home cinema with a projector. We therefore ask the GIGA community: How do you watch films and series?

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