Why Is The IPhone XR Apple's Bestseller?

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Why Is The IPhone XR Apple's Bestseller?
Why Is The IPhone XR Apple's Bestseller?

Video: Why Is The IPhone XR Apple's Bestseller?

Video: Why Is The IPhone XR Apple's Bestseller?
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Criterion number 1, why many do not use an even higher quality Apple smartphone, is without a doubt the price. 300 euros - the price of an entire mid-range Android smartphone - is between the iPhone XR and XS. If you want more than just 64 GB of memory, the difference grows even further: the memory upgrade for the iPhone XR is smaller, but the surcharge is significantly lower. On average, the 128 GB iPhone XR is the option for many that is still affordable (even compared to the Android competition). Currently you get the iPhone XR just under 700 euros, there were even better offers.

iPhone XR: Price comparison at Idealo

Numerous statistics and analyzes indicate that the price is one of the most important decision criteria. Last year, the expensive iPhone X did not sell as well as the iPhone 8. Many want an iPhone, but do not always want to spend more.

Why an iPhone?

There are many who prefer an iPhone when purchasing a smartphone. But why actually? Maybe because others have it too, because you are attracted to the brand and image. Maybe also because you know that you can still use the device smoothly (or pass it on in three years), because you appreciate the high hardware quality, because the oh so great technical property of another smartphone is no longer a reason to buy three months later, because you can find iOS more clearly and perfectly, because you already have iOS apps and other Apple devices and / or because you'd rather entrust your data to Apple for anonymization than Google for processing.

Why do you have an iPhone? Let me know in the comments below!

Features of the iPhone XR: high quality

It should be an iPhone, it should be new, but not so expensive - is the iPhone XR enough? That this model is not a top device, this impression arises above all when compared with even better iPhones and the top Android competition. Here you can see that Apple has slimmed down. And from the technology editors - we and I shouldn't be exempt from this - there was one for Apple.

iPhone XR in the long-term test

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But what many technical editors do not consider: Many interested parties do not care whether all components are the best of the best or “only” very high quality - the latter is the iPhone XR. The buyers want an iPhone, they want a good iPhone, everything should work smoothly, easily and for a long time and they don't want to pay 900 euros for this. The iPhone XR comes with the modern large screen, with Face ID, powerful processor and good camera. For those who come from an iPhone 5, 6 or 7, the iPhone XR is a very big step forward - in almost all respects. Is not that enough?

That's enough!

I myself am a fan of the iPhone XR. I bought this device, not an even better iPhone. Perhaps it's no wonder that the iPhone XR is Apple's current best seller among smartphones.