Xbox One X In Price Decline: Jedi Trap Order Bundle Now Reduced

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Xbox One X In Price Decline: Jedi Trap Order Bundle Now Reduced
Xbox One X In Price Decline: Jedi Trap Order Bundle Now Reduced

Video: Xbox One X In Price Decline: Jedi Trap Order Bundle Now Reduced

Video: Xbox One X In Price Decline: Jedi Trap Order Bundle Now Reduced
Video: 🔴 Let's Play Minecraft Star Wars DLC! | Minecraft Marketplace (Xbox One) | Part 1 2023, December

At the online shops of MediaMarkt and Saturn you can currently get the Xbox One X in conjunction with a top game for € 279 each - best price for bundle offers so far and again cheaper than the € 289 and € 299 prices in the past few weeks were considered the lowest price. The following bundles are reduced:

  • Sold out! Xbox One X (1 TB) + 1 controller + Gears 5 + Gears of War 1-4
  • Discount campaign ended! Xbox One X (1 TB) + 1 controller + Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order
  • Discount campaign ended! Xbox One X (1TB) + 1 controller + Forza Horizon 4 + LEGO Speed Champions DLC
  • Discount campaign ended! Xbox One X (1 TB) + 1 controller + Forza Horizon 4 + Forza Motorsport 7

The consoles are usually delivered free of shipping costs. If not or if you prefer this method, you can also choose to pick up the branch.

Tip:In our view, one argument for Xbox One is that the Game Pass gives you a fantastic range of games with over 100 partly top-class titles on subscription. You can use this in a particularly clever way: Get Xbox Live Gold credit in advance using credit cards (online, for example, on Amazon or ebay). In advance, credit is possible for a maximum of 3 years - but here it is only worth about two and a half years because the console also comes with credit codes. Redeem the free month of Live Gold (included with the Xbox) first, then the purchased gold vouchers, then finally this offer in the Microsoft Store and finally the included free month of Game Pass Ultimate. Not only do you get 3 months of Game Pass Ultimate for 1 euro, your Xbox Live Gold months are also converted 1: 1 into Game Pass Ultimate months. The conversion to the rate of 1: 1 is unfortunately only possible once per Microsoft account, but is extremely worthwhile. In terms of games, you only have to take care of it - if you want, for years to come.

Xbox One X (1TB) + Forza Horizon 4 + LEGO Speed Champions DLC

Now from € 487.39 at Mediamarkt Similar offer at Saturn Price can now be higher. Price from 26.07.2020 23:24

Xbox One X (1 TB) + Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Now from € 439.81 at Mediamarkt Similar offer at Saturn Price can now be higher. Price from 2020-26-07 11:17 p.m.

Xbox One X: The price development of the console

The Xbox One X was released on November 7, 2017 at a RRP of 499 euros with a 1 TB hard drive on the European market. Just a few months later, they were obtained for a street price of around 450 euros. The console largely remained at this price level in 2018. It was only towards the end of 2018 that the console could be used for special campaigns for less than 400 eurosreceive. At Amazon Prime Day in July 2019, the Xbox One X finally reached a historic low of € 250 - but for "refurbished", i.e. used and reprocessed hardware. At the end of 2019, around Prime Day in November, the Xbox One X then went through what was probably the most dramatic drop in prices to date. The console was available in numerous game bundles with a price point of around 300 euros. At MediaMarkt and Saturn, as well as in the Samsung store, there were also various bundles with Samsung phones in which the Xbox consoles were heavily subsidized.


The strategy behind it is obvious: Microsoft is making every effort at the end of the Xbox One lifecycle to lure users into its gaming ecosystem in 2020. Because if you already have an Xbox One X and maybe even a subscription to the Game Pass, it will be easier to get excited about the upcoming Xbox Series X, which is supposed to be fully downward compatible with the Xbox One. In addition to a wide range of games in the Xbox Game Pass, interopter compatibility with the PC as a gaming platform and extremely cheap entry-level offers for the Xbox One S (with and without an optical drive), the much more powerful Xbox One X consoles are therefore "sold for at excellent prices" “, Currently often in connection with current games like Gears 5, Forza: Horizon 4 and Jedi: Fallen Order. Whether that's enough to get Sonytime will tell.

Xbox One X: who is it worth buying?

With the latest reports on Xbox Series X, the next generation of Xbox consoles, the question arises as to who is worth buying the Xbox One X now. The successor console is expected to appear at the end of 2020 and be backward compatible, a price is not yet known. We identified the Xbox One X as a worthwhile investment for two groups of buyers:

  • 4K enthusiasts: If you've just bought a 4K TV, monitor, or projector, an Xbox One X might go well with it. The One X offers you the best picture quality from the current consoles for most multiplatform titles, supports - unlike the PS4 - also 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays and is whisper-quiet. In other words, the ideal media box for early 4K friends.
  • Xbox (One) newbies: For those who haven't owned an Xbox One or any of the previous Microsoft consoles, the One X is the ideal entry. Together with the attractive range of games on the Xbox Game Pass, you have immediate access to many pearls, some insider tips and even the exclusive titles of the Xbox One - albeit a few in quantitative terms. In addition, the One X also offers the advantages of better performance and better picture quality thanks to super sampling on a normal HD TV - and of course you are on the safe side if you have to upgrade to a 4K TV at some point.
Corinna Larsen
Corinna Larsen

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