Corona Virus Time: Free Music And Audio Books In The Stream

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Corona Virus Time: Free Music And Audio Books In The Stream
Corona Virus Time: Free Music And Audio Books In The Stream

Video: Corona Virus Time: Free Music And Audio Books In The Stream

Video: Corona Virus Time: Free Music And Audio Books In The Stream
Video: Coronavirus: A Book For Children | Illustrated by Axel Scheffler | Read Aloud by Hugh Bonneville 2023, September

Clubs are closed, concerts are canceled - the houses or artists therefore offer online appearances in sound and image. Free of charge, sometimes for donations. The concerts are broadcast live and / or are subsequently available on demand. The most interesting sources that we have discovered:

  • Berlin clubs stream the party into the living room
  • TV Noir offers evening living room concerts against donations for the artists
  • MTV Unplugged shows concert excerpts with Cro, Westernhagen, a-ha and others
  • Arte offers concert recordings from hard rock to opera through the media library

For more on concert streams, see: Free reading of newspapers and books and visiting concerts and museums online

Music streams with a free trial subscription

Many artists, millions of songs, a wide repertoire - the classic music streaming services offer without question the best way to listen to the desired music style, favorite artist or the latest album in your free time or in your home office as a background. Those who have not yet booked a subscription will hopefully get through the whole corona crisis without financial expenditure: Most providers can be tested for three or even four months free of charge. Practical: In contrast to film streaming services, the musical counterparts largely all offer the same selection.

  • Apple Music: Free trial for 4 months
  • Deezer: listen for 3 months free of charge
  • Amazon Music Unlimited: now free for 3 months

Deezer and Spotify also offer a free stream after the trial period. However, it is ad-financed, only offers random playback and is not available offline. The premium subscriptions cost 9.99 euros per month after the trial period. Apple Music costs just as much, and discounts make it even cheaper to enjoy music.

Amazon Music plays a special role: Amazon Music Prime is included in the Prime subscription with just 2 million songs, radio plays and football broadcasts. Prime costs 7.99 euros per month and offers several other advantages, such as film streaming and shipping advantages.


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Amazon Music Unlimited includes a range of around 60 million songs that corresponds to the other major music providers. Here you pay 9.99 euros, Prime customers get it for 7.99 euros per month. For a short time, the service can now be used again free of charge for three months.

Try Amazon Music Unlimited for free

Listen to audio books for free in the stream

In the catalog of the music streaming services just presented, however, there is not only music, but some radio plays can be found. If that's not enough, choose a service that specializes in spoken content. The local library offers a cheap option: it has audio books in the form of physical CDs as well as online. Anyone with a library membership can use their streaming services at no additional cost. The exact information can be found on the website of his library. With many popular titles, you often have to wait a few weeks, if not months. It is a loan with a limited quota, although it is digital media.

If you don't want to wait, contact a commercial provider. Audible is well known and good: you get a book per month for a subscription for 9.99 euros. If you listen to an audiobook every few weeks, it is much cheaper than buying it individually. You can keep the selected titles after the subscription. There is also a trial subscription for this.

Try Audible for one month for free

Due to the Corona crisis, the Amazon service currently offers us a few audiobooks from Jules Verne, Mark Twain and other authors free of charge, without a subscription. Sometimes also for children.

For even bigger audiobook fans, BookBeat offers a more extensive subscription: in the standard tariff you can listen up to 25 hours per month for 9.99 euros, in the premium tariff unlimited for 19.90 euros. In the latter, additional family members can be booked for EUR 4.90. The free period is unfortunately very short:

Listen to audiobooks for free for 2 weeks at BookBeat

There are other sources on the net, see the article Audiobooks: 7 recommendations for providers of paid and free downloads. At this point, however, we would like to give you a tip: the ARD Audiothek does not offer the classic audio books, but many of the self-produced radio plays, documentaries and podcasts. The individual episodes are usually 30 to 60 minutes long - and completely free.

Sebastian Trepesch
Sebastian Trepesch

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