Super Tariff Deal: Samsung Galaxy S20 + 15 GB Data & Allnet Flat At Vodafone

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Super Tariff Deal: Samsung Galaxy S20 + 15 GB Data & Allnet Flat At Vodafone
Super Tariff Deal: Samsung Galaxy S20 + 15 GB Data & Allnet Flat At Vodafone

Video: Super Tariff Deal: Samsung Galaxy S20 + 15 GB Data & Allnet Flat At Vodafone

Video: Super Tariff Deal: Samsung Galaxy S20 + 15 GB Data & Allnet Flat At Vodafone
Video: Почему НЕ РЕКОМЕНДУЮ Galaxy S20 на SNAPDRAGON 865 2023, December

On portals like you can always find good tariff deals that run directly through a network provider and still offer a smartphone at favorable conditions: Currently there is, for example, the Samsung Galaxy S20 (128 GB) in the tariff Vodafone Smart L + Promotion (+5) “ with 15 GB LTE data volume and Allnet flat in the package. For the contract in the Vodafone network, you pay 36.99 euros per month. You surf at up to 500 Mbit / s before being throttled to 64 Kbit / s based on the amount of data used. If you have a Vodafone landline contract that can be combined, your data will be increased to 20 GB per month (GigaKombi).

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For the Galaxy S20, which is delivered in the 4G version, you pay a one-time fee of 49.95 euros. The connection fee of 39.99 euros can be refunded as credit within the first 7 days after activation in the Vodafone app. There is also a cashback campaign from preisboerse24, with which you can have 20 euros transferred back when you send in your first provider invoice ([email protected]).

Below we have listed all costs and performance for a better overview.

The following costs await you:

  • Monthly tariff costs: 36.99 euros (total 887.76 euros over 24 months)
  • One-off payment: Samsung Galaxy S20 (128 GB, 4G): 45.99 euros
  • Connection fee: 39.99 euros (reimbursement via Vodafone app up to 7 days after the start)
  • No shipping costs
  • Cashback: -20 euros (after sending in the 1st invoice)

    = 913.71 euros

This is what the "Vodafone Smart L + Aktion (+5)" tariff does:

  • Provider: Vodafone, conclusion via
  • Network: Vodafone
  • Minimum contract period is 24 months
  • Allnet flat for telephony & SMS
  • 15 GB LTE data volume (max. 500 MBit / s) / 20 GB with GigaKombi advantage
  • Reduced download speed: 64 kbps
  • EU roaming included
  • WiFi Calling (Voice over Wifi): Yes
  • VoLTE (Voice over LTE): Yes
  • 5G compatible: No.
  • 3 months trial subscription: Spotify, Deezer, BILDplus

to offer

Samsung Galaxy S20 with contract: is the deal worth it?

By subtracting the cost of the smartphone from the total costs over the minimum contract term, you can better assess whether the pure tariff services are really cheap:

The 4G version of the Samsung Galaxy S20 (128 GB) currently costs 679 euros from an eBay dealer, according to If we subtract this sum from the total costs, we have 234.71 euros. Over a period of 24 months, you therefore pay a calculated 9.77 euros per month for the tariff without smartphone. For a contract in the fast Vodafone network without a directly reduced download speed (500 Mbit / s) with 15 GB LTE volume and Allnet flat, that's a really good price.

Many contracts at this price level lower the price by already throttling the speed of the inclusive volume (e.g. to 21.6 Mbit / s), omitting an SMS flat rate or choosing a cheaper network. With the tariff presented, you use the well-developed Vodafone network in Germany with an unchecked data package. However, you shouldn't expect the advertised maximum speed of 500 Mbit / s. Nevertheless, the network coverage and the good reception that this provides will ensure higher average rates than with limited tariffs.

If you are looking for a combination contract with a current high-end smartphone from Samsung, you will find a solid offer here.

Corinna Larsen
Corinna Larsen

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