Corona Virus: Fake News On WhatsApp Unsettle Recipients

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Corona Virus: Fake News On WhatsApp Unsettle Recipients
Corona Virus: Fake News On WhatsApp Unsettle Recipients

Video: Corona Virus: Fake News On WhatsApp Unsettle Recipients

Video: Corona Virus: Fake News On WhatsApp Unsettle Recipients
Video: Infodemic: Coronavirus and the fake news pandemic 2023, December

The fake message on WhatsApp can be summarized as follows:

If you do not behave correctly, you get pulmonary fibrosis. But if you drink water every 15 minutes, the viruses will be washed into your stomach and eliminated in your stomach acid!”

It is common knowledge that it is not wrong to drink a lot when you have a cold-like illness. But this is not the reason that viruses are washed out of the mouth into the stomach acid. Rather, it is about the fact that fever increases the need for fluids and that the mucus in the throat and nose is diluted.

Indeed, after an outbreak of infection, severe inflammation can lead to pneumonia. In special cases, scarring of the lungs and ultimately pulmonary fibrosis can also occur. But at this point, the patients have completely different problems than not being able to hold their breath for 10 seconds.

Here is the content of the Corona WhatsApp message:

Under no circumstances should you forward this message. The claims in it are as nonsensical as the claim that vaccinations would get autism

  • It is not possible to show any other symptoms if the lungs are 50% fibrous.
  • At the same time, symptoms of a Covid 19 disease can appear without pneumonia.
  • Pneumonia does not automatically lead to pulmonary fibrosis.
  • Lung fibrosis is not a normal and inevitable symptom of a coronavirus infection.

And apart from that, Japanese doctors in particular are not currently spilling glory. The small number of corona infections reported there is due to the fact that there are hardly any tests for corona infections in Japan.

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