Attention! Call From 072191140920 - That's Behind It

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Attention! Call From 072191140920 - That's Behind It
Attention! Call From 072191140920 - That's Behind It

Video: Attention! Call From 072191140920 - That's Behind It

Video: Attention! Call From 072191140920 - That's Behind It
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The callers on 072191140920 pretend to be 1 & 1 employees who want to compare a lot of data before they even get to the reason for their call. Inquiries from 1 & 1 have shown that this is not a company telephone number. It is a typical phishing call that is made for fraudulent purposes.

This is known from the number 072191140920:

  • The number 072191140920 does not belong to 1 & 1.
  • The callers pretend to be 1 & 1 service staff who want to compare data. In some cases there is also talk of matching within the framework of the GDPR.
  • Sometimes you already have your data. They may have been bought or stolen.
  • The following data is requested: name, date of birth, email address, the last numbers of your IBAN and recently the "service PIN". It is theoretically possible to order additional services or upgrades in your name from 1 & 1!
  • In most cases, the victim is offered a “better” cell phone contract.
  • If you ask too urgently at the beginning of the conversation what is at stake or refuse to compare the data, the callers will get bold or hang up immediately.
  • The calls are also made if you are prohibited from making contact in your 1 & 1 Control Center. This shows that it is a fraud.
  • It will not only call phone numbers, but also landline telephones.
  • The callers try to bring you to an affirmative "yes" by skilful conversation, which will be recorded safely. This is illegal without consent to the recording, which you can also change in the Control Center.
  • The calls are repeated.

It is best not to take off when you see the number 072191140920. They are trying to force you to a new cell phone contract, or you want to sell other services from 1 & 1. The calls are definitely not on behalf of 1 & 1, but there must be some relationship between the companies in order for commission to be paid.


Our tips for calling 072191140920:

  • You should block the number. We explain how to do this in the next section.
  • If you accept the call, refuse to synchronize the data.
  • Answer no questions with "yes".
  • Do n't get involved in discussions.

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So the number 072191140920 is blocked

You can block the phone number 072191140920 to save yourself from further calls and lies. The easiest way is with the mobile phone, but there are also solutions for the fixed network.

  • When the alleged 1 & 1 hotline calls you on your cell phone, hang up immediately. Then you can block the number in the Android smartphone or iPhone.
  • Telekom telephone customers can log in online in the "Telephony Center" and then block telephone numbers in the fixed network.
  • It is also easy if you have the right router. If your phone calls run over it, you can put the phone number in the block list of the Fritzbox.

In all cases, the callers will probably keep trying, but you won't be disturbed. If you fell for the callers and have concluded a new contract, you should contact 1 & 1 for clarification and also object to the contract change there. You have the right to do so within the legal obligations.