WhatsApp Trap Adidas Raffle - Be Careful, Data Theft

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WhatsApp Trap Adidas Raffle - Be Careful, Data Theft
WhatsApp Trap Adidas Raffle - Be Careful, Data Theft

Video: WhatsApp Trap Adidas Raffle - Be Careful, Data Theft

Video: WhatsApp Trap Adidas Raffle - Be Careful, Data Theft
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"Adidas offers 3,100 pairs of shoes and free T-shirts to celebrate its 96th anniversary" is the promise in the chain letter that is currently circulating on WhatsApp. (Incidentally, Adidas is just under 70 under the name.)

The limited number of items puts enough pressure to trap even prudent recipients of the message. It continues with:

"Hurry up! Get your free pair of shoes: https://www.adidas.de-shoes.club “

Anyone who looks at the address given there for a moment will immediately become suspicious:

  • The domain extension is not.de or.com, but.club.
  • The actual domain is therefore “de-shoes.club” and the “adidas” is only placed in front of it - just like the “www”.
  • That alone seems suspicious, since a company is more interested in luring the participants to their own site.

Fortunately, the domain “de-shoes.club” is now down. It is still registered and registered under a hidden name, but currently has no server address. This can change quickly and with previous subdomains such as "puma" or other company names, the trick can easily be repeated with other brands.

As Mimikama reports, the link led to a question game that always ended up winning. The principle is similar to the WhatsApp-Lidl competition, which recently wanted to lead the participants into a similar trap.

  • After participating, you have to share the game with your friends via WhatsApp - this is how it is spread.
  • Then you should enter your name and email address.
  • This causes the polluters to reach their actual goal: to collect recipients for spam and to sell the addresses.
  • It becomes even more dangerous with such "competitions" if you should log in with your Gmail, Facebook or Instagram account to participate. Then there is real data and account theft.

We present some phishing tricks in our picture gallery:


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How should you react to the Adidas raffle on WhatsApp?

The chain letter has two purposes:

  • He wants to steal your data
  • He wants to spread

Your intervention is required here:

  1. Do not tap on these links, do not participate in such competitions. You are all nonsense! Serious companies do not do this via WhatsApp - they are not allowed to do that.
  2. Do not enter any personal data on such sites.
  3. Forwards these messages not.
  4. Inform the sender of this and, if necessary, send him the link to this article.

If everyone adheres to these rules, this type of chain letter will eventually die out.

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