Fraud Calls From 01639560410: That's Behind It

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Fraud Calls From 01639560410: That's Behind It
Fraud Calls From 01639560410: That's Behind It

Video: Fraud Calls From 01639560410: That's Behind It

Video: Fraud Calls From 01639560410: That's Behind It
Video: Fraud Call | Received a fraud call | Jazz Cash fraud call | AR video channel 2023, October

In summary, one can say that behind the number 01639560410 there is a call center that wants to get you with promises and blackmail attempts to conclude a paid lottery contract.

The following is known about the calls:

  • When trying to call back the number 01639560410 you only hear the announcement that " this mailbox is currently not available ".
  • The callers know some of your data and try to tickle the missing information out of you - supposedly for "data synchronization".
  • If you ask what data they have stored about you, the answer "for data protection reasons" will be refused.
  • If you refuse to provide the requested data, the extortion attempts start: Supposedly you have already signed a gambling contract, which now continues and has to be paid if you do not provide any information.
  • During the conversation it is always tried to get your consent to a sound recording.
  • In some cases, the “ Deutsche Spielgemeinschaft ” ( was named as the ordering party for the calls. Similar sites have attracted attention over the past few years as a result of various fraud attempts in connection with syndicates. The alleged company headquarters is in England, the domain owner is hiding.

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This is how you should behave when the number 01639560410 calls

  1. The best thing is not to answer at all, blocks the number.
  2. If you have lost weight, make it immediately clear that you have not yet concluded a legally valid contract and are not interested in concluding it.
  3. If data is to be "matched", then the caller must first read out what he already claims to have from you. Do not give him any requested data - or only incorrect data.
  4. Denies permission to record.
  5. Requests that you receive the offer by post - to the address that you must already have.

But it is best to block the number immediately after the first call!

Block the number 01639560410 - so it works

The number is definitely forged and is generated by "PBX" using "Call ID spoofing". The crooks may even be abroad and are out of reach. That's also why you should block the number.

  • Fixed-line customers of Telekom can block phone numbers online. Log in to the "Telephony Center" and block the number there.
  • It is even easier if you block the number in Android or iOS.
  • Finally, you have the option of blocking the number 01639560410 in the Fritzbox.

Under no circumstances be tempted to agree to the offer. You can assume that your contributions will not be used for lottery wagers.

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