Call From 039124354431: Beware Of This Number

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Call From 039124354431: Beware Of This Number
Call From 039124354431: Beware Of This Number

Video: Call From 039124354431: Beware Of This Number

Video: Call From 039124354431: Beware Of This Number
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If you call the number 039124354431 in Magdeburg, the "Elite Premium Service AG" answers. The nice lady is quite persistent in circumnavigating specific questions and claims that there is no company website. They were only “advertising partners” from other companies and would call because the victims had agreed to these calls.

If you search for this number, you will first find a website from Switzerland that offers a card called "Immediate Discount Card". It is interesting, among other things, that the website is owned by the German web host Hetzner and that all contact details for the domain are anonymized. Reputable companies do not use such methods. It is not clear there whether the company is actually behind the Magdeburg phone number. However, both Mimikama and Spam Info warn against Elite Premium Service AG.

This is known about the calls from 039124354431:

  • Under the number you can reach the company " Elite Premium Service AG ".
  • Claim that the call was accepted by entering the competition.
  • Complaints report alleged winnings (vouchers, cell phones, 500 euros) from sweepstakes that no one can remember.
  • In almost all cases , the callers try to get personal data. Among other things, they persistently try to find out your bank details. Supposedly to transfer a possible profit.

Among other things, the calls probably come about because you have participated in competitions of the company "Toleadoo GmbH", which is not a blank page on the Internet and in consumer protection and operates websites such as "", for example. The connection between Toleadoo and Elite Premium Service AG can also be clearly seen in a screenshot that the colleagues at have kindly provided:


Who would now like to complain about the calls of the number 039124354431 or about Toleadoo or the Elite Premium Service AG at the Federal Network Agency, should be surprised: With remarkable cold-wittedness it is shown openly in these competitions that with the sending you also agree to the massive advertising nuisance.

There it is:

“Registration on this page is free of charge. I agree that the organizer, the main sponsors and qualification sponsors contact me via e-mail, push notification, by post and / or by telephone about offers from their respective business areas and that the data will also be passed on to these sponsors for this purpose. If you are not interested, please do not register."

And if you click on the links, plenty of advertising partners are shown to whom you provide the data.

Our tips:

  • Block the number 039124354431
  • Withdrawal of advertising consent and data transfer to Toleadoo: By email ([email protected]) or by post (Toleadoo GmbH, c / o Talk2 GmbH, Rheinstraße 22, 64293 Darmstadt, Germany).
  • Revocation of advertising consent and data transfer to Elite Premium Service AG: by email ([email protected]) or also by post (Elite Premium Service AG, Fellenbergstrasse 65 L, 9000 St. Gallen, Switzerland)

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Block 039124354431 - easy

The best way to block the number 039124354431 depends on the phone number you provided for the alleged competitions.

  • If you have been called on your cell phone, you can block any phone number on your Android smartphone or iPhone.
  • There are various options for a landline phone. Telekom customers can block telephone numbers online in the "Telephony Center". Alternatively, you can do this yourself at home or in the office, because you can block the phone numbers in the Fritzbox, for example. Unfortunately, this doesn't work with Telekom's Speedport routers, but you can do it online.

In any case, a call from these companies should make it clear to you that all the alleged competitions on the Internet are just an attempt to exploit you in any way.

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