Call +447700370850: That's Behind The Spam From England

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Call +447700370850: That's Behind The Spam From England
Call +447700370850: That's Behind The Spam From England

Video: Call +447700370850: That's Behind The Spam From England

Video: Call +447700370850: That's Behind The Spam From England
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Calls to numbers like +447700370850 and similar English calls are mostly unbelievable promises to make on investment deals. It also points out that it is always the same crooks who falsify their phone numbers. In so-called “Call ID spoofing”, telephone systems send fake numbers and it is possible that the calls do not even come from England, but from India, for example.

This is known from the number +447700370850:

  • Most of the time, the callers speak broken German and apparently call from a call center.
  • They promise you to be able to earn a lot of money from home.
  • When asked, you indicate that it would be worthwhile investments in the financial markets. Sometimes there is also talk of Bitcoin.
  • The callers often claim that they have registered with a service via Facebook
  • As soon as you make it clear that you are not interested, the callers become rude and insult their victims. Nevertheless, further calls to the same number follow.

It is clear to everyone that serious financial transactions and such calls are mutually exclusive. Presumably, this is "telephone phishing": the aim is to get the victims to give out as much personal data as possible and possibly agree to any mailings or subscriptions.

The best thing to do is to stop the call immediately and block the number. Don't let anything gossip you.


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Block the number +447700370850 - that's how it's done

You will definitely not make any money from the calls. However, since the callers are very persistent and sometimes rude, we recommend that you block the phone number +447700370850. This is relatively easy, depending on where you are called.

  • The fastest thing is done on the smartphone. As soon as you have been called, you can block the number at lightning speed in your iPhone or Android phone.
  • For landline customers of the telephone there is the "Telefoniecenter", which you can call up in the browser. Log in there and you can even block all calls from England.
  • You can also block the number in the Fritzbox if you make your calls via this router.

Complaints or requests to spare you calls in the future are generally unsuccessful. The rate of callers is probably in the low per mille range, so spammers prefer to keep trying with cheap labor over and over rather than keep a decent list of call barrings. Blocks the callers and waits for the next one to come.

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