Fraud Call From 01632042486: That's Behind It

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Fraud Call From 01632042486: That's Behind It
Fraud Call From 01632042486: That's Behind It

Video: Fraud Call From 01632042486: That's Behind It

Video: Fraud Call From 01632042486: That's Behind It
Video: Find Out Who is Calling You With Private / Blocked Number 2023, December

The number 01632042486 belongs to the E-Plus network, but the typical call center noises can still be heard in the background when you are called. That alone should make you suspicious. The number is falsified by so-called "call ID spoofing", which is why complaints to the Federal Network Agency are pointless.

This is known about the calls from 01632042486:

  • Very often there are only ping calls: a computer dials numbers randomly and when you answer the call there is no other party on the other side.
  • If you call back the number 01632042486, there is only an announcement that the mailbox is not available.
  • When a call comes in, the callers try to talk you out of personal information and get you to say "yes" on the phone.
  • The callers claim that you participated in a competition and that you agreed to a paid subscription by agreeing to the terms and conditions. To avoid the costs of this subscription, they offer you a one-time participation in a lottery subscription.
  • Some of your personal information is already known to the callers. They were probably either bought, stolen or come from fake competitions.
  • During the conversation, attempts are made to elicit personal data and, above all, your bank details, which are supposed to be used to pay out winnings.
  • If one asks, the data publication denied or the purpose of the call doubts, callers are quickly rude and often put on.

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You should do this when you call 01632042486 and do not

  • Avoid, and in any case, avoid answering questions from the caller with "Yes". Such statements are recorded and tailored for an alleged approval. You should avoid answering typical yes-or-no questions such as "Do I speak to Mr. XYZ?", For example with "I have already registered with the name".
  • If you are told that you have agreed to any subscription, then they will be asked to send you the relevant evidence by mail or email to the address given there before you decide to take further action. Also says you wanted to have this checked by consumer protection or a lawyer.
  • Indicates that you must already have all the data for an alleged subscription and should read it to you.
  • You should also declare that you have not received the legally binding terms and conditions of this subscription contract either by email or in writing, as would be required by law. Therefore, the matter is invalid and you can look forward to a possible legal dispute.

It is to be expected that the callers will then give up at the latest.

Block the phone number 01632042486

Especially if you are called by number 01632042486 without anyone answering, you should block them quickly. The dialing computers know no working and rest times and annoy you around the clock.

How to block the phone number 01632042486

  • In just a few steps you can block the number on your Android smartphone or iPhone.
  • The “Telephony Center” is available online to Telekom customers. There you can block individual phone numbers or entire ranges of numbers.
  • Fritzbox owners can block disturbing calls in the router.

With these steps you can get rid of such annoying calls and switch off the annoyance. However, experience shows that calls will soon go on under new numbers, because the number displayed is only forged and can be exchanged quickly. The stitch behind it rarely changes, so don't fall for it.

In the past few months, the topic of online security and privacy has become increasingly important. We would therefore like to find out how you feel about the whole thing.

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