Call 08221274070/08221274071: That's Behind The Spam Calls

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Call 08221274070/08221274071: That's Behind The Spam Calls
Call 08221274070/08221274071: That's Behind The Spam Calls

Video: Call 08221274070/08221274071: That's Behind The Spam Calls

Video: Call 08221274070/08221274071: That's Behind The Spam Calls
Video: What is Robocalling? Phone Spam Calls Explained 2023, December

Brokering electricity and gas contracts is good business. Most consumers could save a lot if they regularly checked and changed their tariffs. But convenience keeps them away and that's how the fraudsters work.

This is reported about the calls from 08221274070/71:

  • The callers already have some of your data, such as the name, address and phone number. This data was either stolen, bought, or originated from fraudulent online sweepstakes.
  • If you just let them talk, they say that they call on behalf of an energy consultant and have been paying them too much for electricity for some time because the costs have risen.
  • If you ask where they got the data from, lies are told: you have allegedly asked for a call back or you have registered online for a tariff check.
  • For an alleged data comparison, you should give your meter number and IBAN.
  • If you doubt the statements or do not want to give the data on the phone, the callers quickly become insulting.

In the Internet comments on numbers 08221274070 and 08221274071 there are always calls to report the telephone numbers and calls to the Federal Network Agency, but that should make little sense. In reality, the calls are not coming from these numbers, but possibly from a Turkish call center. Through “Call ID spoofing”, telephone systems pretend fake numbers to the victims. You should simply block the numbers 08221274070 and 08221274071.


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Block the numbers - on cell phones, landlines and in the Fritzbox

You can block 08221274070 or 08221274071, but the problem is that spammers use different numbers. At least you now know the mesh and can react correctly. The easiest way is with the mobile phone, but you can also block the numbers in the router or for your Telekom connection:

  • If you have been called, you can block the numbers in the Android smartphone or iPhone.
  • If you use the router to make calls, you can block the phone numbers in the Fritzbox. Unfortunately, this is not possible with Speedport routers from Telekom.
  • But telecom customers can use the "Telephony Center" for their VoIP numbers and block telephone numbers there for the landline connection. This also has the advantage that you can block entire number ranges - for example, 0822127xxxx.

It is important for these calls that you do not give them any further data. Don't get involved in any discussions. It's best to hang up immediately. These calls are illegal and you can doubt that you really save money on the contracts.

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