Buy Xiaomi Mi 10 (Pro) With & Without A Contract: The Best Offers

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Buy Xiaomi Mi 10 (Pro) With & Without A Contract: The Best Offers
Buy Xiaomi Mi 10 (Pro) With & Without A Contract: The Best Offers

Video: Buy Xiaomi Mi 10 (Pro) With & Without A Contract: The Best Offers

Video: Buy Xiaomi Mi 10 (Pro) With & Without A Contract: The Best Offers
Video: Я В ШОКЕ ОТ ГЛОБАЛКИ XIAOMI MI 10 PRO через 30 ДНЕЙ! 2023, October

If you order the Xiaomi Mi 10 by April 30, 2020 (before), you can be twice as happy. Because with the modern, well-equipped smartphone, Xiaomi gives you the "Mi TV 4A" smart TV with a 32-inch display diagonal for 179 euros UVP for free. The pre-order campaign is available for contract customers at Telefónica (e.g. O2), Vodafone and 1 & 1. Here is a registry on the action page to 30 April 2020 required. The Mi TV 4A 32 ″ will then be delivered to your home within 28 days of registration.

► Xiaomi Mi 10 with contract + Mi TV 4A at Vodafone

► Xiaomi Mi 10 with contract + Mi TV 4A at 1 & 1

Buy Xiaomi Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro without a contract

If you want to get the Xiaomi Mi 10 (Pro) without a contract, you can order the devices directly from the manufacturer in the German online shop. The MSRP for the Mi 10 without a contract and with 128 GB memory is 799 euros, for the model with 256 GB there are 899 euros. Xiaomi demands 999 euros for the Mi 10 Pro with 256 GB, which is even better equipped in certain areas. Alternatively, the devices are also available from various other online shops:

Buy Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro without a contract:

► Mi 10 Pro at MediaMarkt

► Mi 10 Pro at Alternate

► Mi 10 Pro in price comparison at

Buy Xiaomi Mi 10 without a contract:

► Mi 10 at MediaMarkt

► Mi 10 at Alternate

► Mi 10 in price comparison at

The prices mentioned are the manufacturer's recommended retail price, hardly any retailers currently deviate from them. It is not yet possible to predict when the smartphones will be offered cheaper for the first time without a contract. Experience has shown that this takes a few months for new devices. Anyone who takes part in the above-mentioned campaign in good time can understand the free bonus in the form of a Smart TV as a discount of almost 180 euros.

Here's what the Xiaomi Mi 10 looks like in action:

Xiaomi Mi 10: the highlights of the China smartphone


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Buy Xiaomi Mi 10 with a contract

You can get the Mi 10 significantly cheaper now if you purchase the smartphone together with a mobile phone contract. Depending on the tariff, Vodafone and O2, for example, offer the devices for an additional payment of 1 euro. You can find good offers for the Mi 10 from the following providers:

► Xiaomi Mi 10 with contract at DeinHandy

► Xiaomi Mi 10 with contract at Preisbörse24

► Xiaomi Mi 10 with contract at LogiTel

The Mi 10 Pro is not yet available everywhere with a contract. Only MediaMarkt offers good tariff deals for the smartphone - two for it:

► Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro with contract at MediaMarkt tariffs

► Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro with contract + Xiaomi Mi Airdots at MediaMarkt tariffs

As always, if you order a smartphone like the new Xiaomi Mi 10 (Pro) with a contract, you should consider a few basic things. We give you tips on how to find the best and cheapest way to get your new smartphone from Xiaomi:

  • Before you decide on a tariff, you should make clear what you actually need based on your usage behavior: How many gigabytes of Internet traffic do you actually incur in a month and should ideally be covered by the contract?
  • It is practical if the tariff already includes 5G. Even if the network in Germany is currently still quite rudimentary, it is growing steadily. And it would be great if you could use the new mobile radio standard when available - after all, all Mi-10 models support 5G.
  • It is easy to calculate whether buying without a contract including a SIM-only tariff or concluding a mobile phone contract with a subsidized smartphone is cheaper for you : simply add all costs over the term of the contract (usually two years) and compare them with the purchase price without a contract plus the monthly cost of the SIM card.
  • Don't forget: If you sign a contract, think early about the termination. Put a reminder in your smartphone to look around for cheaper tariffs or a new smartphone in good time before the notice period expires.

Do you buy your smartphone with or without a contract?

If it is a brand new flagship from Apple, Samsung or Huawei, such a smartphone can cost around 1,000 euros. If you buy it with a contract, you don't have to pay the sum all at once, but you are bound for at least two years and have to pay a high basic fee. So both have advantages and disadvantages, or how do you see that? Do you prefer to buy your cell phone with or without a contract?

Xiaomi Mi 10: yes or no?

Finally, the question arises whether one of the three Xiaomi Mi 10 models is the right device for you. The biggest plus is undoubtedly the 5G support that not all devices offer today. The Mi 10 Lite (349 euros MSRP), which will go on sale in May, is one of the cheapest 5G smartphones currently (or shortly) available.

The Mi 10 and the Mi 10 Pro are quite typical flagships for today, which hardly differ in price from their (mostly Asian) competition. In comparison to the Galaxy S20 models from Samsung and Apple's iPhone 11, they are even a little cheaper, but they don't have the same prestige as the top models from South Koreans and Americans.

Are you going to buy one of the new Xiaomi flagships or are you going for another brand? Do you even insist on a high-priced smartphone or are the mid-priced devices enough for you?