Calls From 022129255823? That Is Behind It

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Calls From 022129255823? That Is Behind It
Calls From 022129255823? That Is Behind It

Video: Calls From 022129255823? That Is Behind It

Video: Calls From 022129255823? That Is Behind It
Video: Find Out Who is Calling You With Private / Blocked Number 2023, December

The Cologne phone number 022129255823 sometimes answers after Internet complaints with the company name "Energy World", but the phone number does not match this existing company. However, the callers obviously work in the same business area because they are trying to turn on new heating systems for you.

This is known from the number 022129255823:

  • Many calls are made for test purposes only and when you answer, there is no one on the line.
  • If you actually have someone on the line, then the callers promise high grants for the purchase of a new heating system.
  • The callers sometimes act very aggressively when asked or rejected.
  • Even after you have expressed your lack of interest or the wish to be deleted from the distribution list, there are always calls.
  • Although the topic is aimed exclusively at homeowners, every number is dialed indiscriminately.
  • In some cases, it has been reported that the callers know at least the name of the subscriber. They may fall for these illegal "cold calls" on stolen data back.

It can be assumed that the callers will not call Energy World directly and only adopt this name in order to build a serious facade. In any case, it is an illegal, unsolicited contact. But instead of bothering with these people, you should just block them.


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Block the number 022129255823 - it's that easy

The callers behind the number 022129255823 are very persistent and often there is not even someone on the line. Therefore you should react early and block the number. Depending on where they call you, it's very easy.

Block the number 022129255823:

  • On your cell phone: Our instructions show you how to block phone numbers in Android smartphones and the iPhone.
  • Fixed network: Telecom customers can block entire call number ranges in the Telekom fixed network.
  • Fritzbox: In a Fritzbox router you can specifically block phone numbers.

If you decide to report this phone number to the Federal Network Agency, you should keep a kind of "call log" and note the times when you were called and whether there was a conversation.

Do you tape your cameras?

Mark Zuckerberg does it and the FBI director also advises it: cover or tape cameras in the name of security and privacy. What do you think about that?

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