Tinder Support: Contact Customer Service

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Tinder Support: Contact Customer Service
Tinder Support: Contact Customer Service

Video: Tinder Support: Contact Customer Service

Video: Tinder Support: Contact Customer Service
Video: How to CONTACT TINDER SUPPORT? 2023, December

In writing, you can contact Tinder customer service with any inquiries using a form:

  1. Opens the corresponding form.
  2. If the website is displayed in English, you can change the language to German below.
  3. Now you select the reason for contacting us in the field provided.
  4. A contact form opens.
  5. Here you enter a description of your problem or the request.
  6. Don't forget to enter a valid email address. You will receive an answer to the request via the email and may be able to keep in touch with the support.

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Tinder support: how to get help

If you need help with problems with Tinder, you will find many solutions to common problems and questions in the dating app. It is also advisable to take a look at the FAQ section at the app provider. Again, many questions are answered in advance, so you don't have to wait for an answer from the support.

  • If you have done enough, you can find out from GIGA how to unsubscribe from Tinder.
  • We'll also help you when your matches are gone.
tinder contact
tinder contact

You can also find an official support account on Twitter. Help is only available in English here. The number of answers shows that support is regularly responding to inquiries and endeavors to solve problems with Tinder.

Can you reach Tinder customer service? What problems are you having with the app? Or does everything work again after the help of the support? Post your experience in the comments!

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