Amazon's Choice: What Is It? What Are The Criteria?

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Amazon's Choice: What Is It? What Are The Criteria?
Amazon's Choice: What Is It? What Are The Criteria?

Video: Amazon's Choice: What Is It? What Are The Criteria?

Video: Amazon's Choice: What Is It? What Are The Criteria?
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The Consumer Advice Center North Rhine-Westphalia criticized "Amazon's Choice" in an article dated 05.02.2020. The criteria Amazon mentions would not always apply:

Here it becomes clear that "Amazon's Choice" apparently is not transparent and certainly not always useful. Accordingly, one should not blindly rely on the labeling.

Why am I seeing different Amazon's Choice items than others?

Which products are shown to you as "Amazon's Choice" depends on the sample, which items you have previously bought or searched for. It is therefore an award individually selected for the respective Amazon account.

  • For example, if you searched for Echo speakers, related products such as covers or Echo accessories may suddenly be labeled with the seal of approval, although this was not the case previously.
  • For example, when we searched for “WLAN socket”, we were shown the Mopoin smart socket as “Amazon's Choice”. If we search for "radio socket" instead, the radio socket set from mumbi is "Amazon's Choice".
  • Interestingly, our tests identified an echo dot cover in blue as "Amazon's Choice", but the same variant in white was not. Why? We couldn't see through the process 100 percent.

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How can you get “Amazon's Choice” for a product?

The “Amazon's Choice” label means more attention and therefore more potential sales - supposedly up to 300 percent more sales.

  • If you sell yourself on Amazon, you can get such a badge for your goods yourself.
  • Be sure to meet the criteria above.
  • Sells solid quality that is well rated and rarely returned.

Amazon itself does not officially comment on the process. In the forum for Amazon resellers, however, there is some information that apparently comes from an Amazon employee. There it says:

This also suggests that the "Amazon's Choice" label is selected automatically. Products that meet the above criteria appear to be included in a specific pool. Depending on the search query, the user is then shown certain articles from the pool as "Amazon's Choice".

Conclusion on articles with "Amazon's Choice"

Generally, " Amazon's Choice " is a purchase recommendation from Amazon:

  • According to its own statement, Amazon uses it to identify popular and well-rated products that are also particularly cheap. However, the label is no guarantee of this.
  • This is also shown by a test by the Consumer Advice Center North Rhine-Westphalia, in which many "Amazon's Choice" products did not meet the criteria mentioned.
  • It’s also no surprise that articles suddenly appear as “Amazon’s Choice” that previously didn’t. Amazon stores search queries made by buyers so far and uses them to create a model of which articles could also be recommended for a customer.
  • It looks like Amazon doesn't prefer its own products either. It is questionable whether such an automated process can replace real buying advice.
  • Our recommendation: Compare prices even on websites like Idealo and Co. and read reviews. You can't always rely on Amazon's recommendations.