Hanna Season 2: Now In The Stream (Prime Video) - Episode Guide, Trailer & More

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Hanna Season 2: Now In The Stream (Prime Video) - Episode Guide, Trailer & More
Hanna Season 2: Now In The Stream (Prime Video) - Episode Guide, Trailer & More

Video: Hanna Season 2: Now In The Stream (Prime Video) - Episode Guide, Trailer & More

Video: Hanna Season 2: Now In The Stream (Prime Video) - Episode Guide, Trailer & More
Video: Hanna Season 2 - Official Trailer 2023, December

The second season of "Hanna" will again consist of a total of 8 episodes that will be available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video from July 3rd, 2020. The episodes will be available in the German dubbed version and in the English OV.


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Episode guide - "Hanna" S2

episode German title Original title running time
1 (9) Safe safe 49 min
While Hanna Clara is hiding in the vast forests of northern Romania, the remaining trainees are transferred to a training facility called The Meadows, where they are given new identities. Marissa pretends to be Clara's mother online, luring her to a hotel in Bucharest, where Utrax guards capture the girl. Hanna takes up the trail and meets Marissa again.
2 (10) The study The Trial 49 min
Marissa and Hanna return to Paris while Clara is said to be in The Meadows. But their rebellious nature leads to problems. Terri is entrusted with making Clara compliant. Hanna tracks down the pharmaceutical company that produces the Utrax implants and finds out that the trainees in The Meadows should be given obscure medication.
3 (11) The Meadows To The Meadows 49 min
Hanna follows Dumont and the drugs - knowing that they will lead them to The Meadows. Marissa finds out that Sonia is in Belgium. She arrives just in time to kill Sonia before she can do anything to Hanna. Hanna is shocked to find in The Meadows that Clara, who wanted to save her from there, seems to like it in her new home.
4 (12) Welcome Mia Welcome Mia 50 min.
Marissa arrives at The Meadows and wants to help Hanna escape. Hanna convinces Clara to join them, but the Meadows community already means too much to Clara and she betrays Hanna. Carmichael plays that into the cards. Meanwhile, Marissa's helper Steve Mannion reaches The Meadows. There is no trace of Hanna or Marissa …
5 (13) Everyone grieves in his own way A Way To Grieve 52 min
Marissa is imprisoned in The Meadows and Hanna is encouraged to assume her new identity Mia Wolff. Marissa can free herself and convinces Hanna to flee with her. But Clara stands in their way. She shoots Marissa and tells Carmichael that Hanna did it to prevent Marissa from kidnapping her. Hanna is then resumed at The Meadows.
6 (14) You belong to us now You're with us now 46 min
Hanna and Jules are sent on their first mission: to kill a journalist who is said to receive secret Utrax information from a military lawyer. Meanwhile, Sandy and Clara fly to Barcelona to secure the documents. Hanna changes sides to save the journalist, but Jules and Leo are one step ahead - with terrible consequences.
7 (15) Tacitus Tacitus 46 min
Hanna arrives in Barcelona - determined to get Clara to spare money and leave Utrax. She reveals her mother's name to Clara. Sandy wins Kat's trust and is angry when Clara doesn't have the heart to kill them. Hanna and Clara flee with Kat, money is shot. Steve Mannion's colleague Grant wants to find Hanna with Marissa's help.
8 (16) The list The List 47 min
Carmichael arrives in Barcelona while Hanna, Clara and Kat hide in a villa. Hanna manages to get the list with the target persons. Marissa blackmails Carmichael to help her bring down the rest of the Utrax ringleaders. Clara finally meets her mother again and Hanna returns to Marissa to destroy Utrax with her.

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"Hanna" Season 2 - continuation confirmed by Amazon for 2020

In the meantime, series are rarely produced for a single season. It is often clear before the start of a new thriller that there will be further seasons. In the beginning, this was not the case with the Amazon original "Hanna", which is based on the film "Who is Hanna" by Joe Wright in 2011. In May 2019, the company commented on a continuation. Amazon confirmed in a press release that there will definitely be a second season of "Hanna".

Now watch “Hanna” Season 1 on Amazon Prime Video

The series doesn't just tell the story of the film. We learn more about Hanna and the development of other characters, we learn more about the background of the CIA and the UTRAX program. And also in the second season, the story and world of "Hanna" should gain substance.

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