PayPal: Direct Transfer To Bank Account With "Instant Transfer"

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PayPal: Direct Transfer To Bank Account With "Instant Transfer"
PayPal: Direct Transfer To Bank Account With "Instant Transfer"

Video: PayPal: Direct Transfer To Bank Account With "Instant Transfer"

Video: PayPal: Direct Transfer To Bank Account With "Instant Transfer"
Video: How To Instantly Transfer Money From Paypal To Bank Account - Paypal How To Instant Transfer 2023, September

The function is currently not available in Germany, but soon these express transfers of PayPal credit to their own bank account will be activated for everyone.

This is how the "Instant Transfer" from PayPal to bank account (browser and app) works:

  1. Log in to PayPal and display the overview page.
  2. You can see how high your balance is there. To transfer it to your account in whole or in part, click on the " Deposit or withdraw money " button below. In the PayPal app, the amount of the credit is immediately tapped.
  3. On the next page uses the option " debit money ".
  4. Now you can choose where and how the money should be transferred. Then enter the desired amount. You can continue to choose the normal transfer, which takes about 2 days, or you can choose " Instant Transfer ".

After that you will get an overview, where you can also see how much of the entered amount will actually end up in your account, because "Instant Transfer" costs you fees

If you use the new quick transfer of PayPal credit to your account, you will have to pay fees depending on the amount.

You definitely need to know this about PayPal:

You should know this about PayPal

Costs for the PayPal direct transfer

A normal transfer of your credit from the PayPal account to the bank account costs nothing. This is different with "instant transfer", here there are fees. They depend on the transfer amount, but are also capped.

Every instant transfer from PayPal to your bank account costs at least 25 cents. Otherwise 1 percent of the transfer amount will be withheld, but not more than 10 euros.

For you this means:

Transfer amount Theoretical fees (1%) Actual fees
10.00 euros 10 cents 25 cents
25.00 euros 25 cents 25 cents
50.00 euros 50 cents 50 cents
100.00 euros 1 € 1 €
1,000.00 euros 10 Euro 10 Euro
10,000.00 euros 100 euros 10 Euro

So for amounts between 25 and 1,000 euros, 1 percent is deducted as a fee. In addition, the fees are capped at 10 euros per money transfer.

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