Buy Used IPhone And IPad: You Have To Pay Attention To That

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Buy Used IPhone And IPad: You Have To Pay Attention To That
Buy Used IPhone And IPad: You Have To Pay Attention To That

Video: Buy Used IPhone And IPad: You Have To Pay Attention To That

Video: Buy Used IPhone And IPad: You Have To Pay Attention To That
Video: 12 Things MUST Check Before Buying Used iPhone (2020) 2023, September

The easiest and safest way is to buy a refurbished iPad from Apple. However, this route cannot be used for iPhones, as Apple currently does not sell refurbished iPhones. At Apple, the discounts are limited. But Apple is serious about "general overhaul": The iPad gets a new battery and fresh outer case. In addition, you get the original scope of delivery, and there is also the one-year warranty as when buying a new device. You can only tell from the special packaging that it is a completely overhauled product. I myself also ordered the iPad Pro 10.5 - already a discontinued model - refurbished from the Apple Store.

When buying, you should take a close look at which device generation you are buying. For an older product, the discount may look attractive at first glance, but it could still be too high for a used price.

Refurbished products in the Apple Store

Conclusion: Refurbished products bought from Apple can often not be distinguished from new devices. Refurbished iPhones are unfortunately not available from Apple.


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Buy used or refurbished iPhone from other retailers

Other retailers offer both used and refurbished iPhones and iPads. Refurbished products are also used, but if necessary brought back into shape. You should choose an established provider who has properly checked the products before selling them. Compared to the Apple Online Store, you still often have to make a few cuts, but also pay lower prices.

Signs of wear on the case can be expected on used iPhones. However, the dealer description clarifies how well the item is received. Other disadvantages: The accessories normally included in the scope of delivery are not available or at least not as an original Apple product. The battery should no longer offer the original capacity. In addition, defective original components may have been exchanged for inferior ones.

The less risky purchase makes the fact that you usually get a guarantee from the dealer (for example at reBuy) and can make use of the right of return when buying online. If you find that the battery only has 65 percent of its original capacity (see Settings -> Battery -> Battery status), you can send the smartphone back if you don't want to have the battery replaced yourself.

Refurbished iPhones at Amazon RenewedUsed iPhones at reBuyGenerally refurbished iPhones on eBay

Conclusion: With a reputable dealer, the used purchase is usually not a problem and you can save well. After receiving the smartphone, you should check the device and functionality properly.

Buy used iPhone from private

A private purchase, for example on eBay, is much less secure. No guarantee, no right of return, the reliability of the seller - apart from reviews on sales platforms - is unknown. There is also the risk of getting a hobbyist device - that is, the display or other components may already have been replaced with inferior products. You should therefore take a close look at the used iPhone, if possible, before you buy it: does anything indicate that parts have been replaced? Signs can be:

  • The gaps are not as perfect as usual from Apple, for example too large.
  • Color differences, for example, between the front and home button.
  • Worn screws (see underside).
  • Buttons or switches without a proper pressure point / snapping into place.

If the seller had a battery replaced, you can have the invoice shown: Did a solid workshop carry out the exchange?

In addition to the hardware check, you should also make sure that the previous owner deactivates the theft protection via iCloud - in the settings in the account (name of the user) -> Where is -> Find my iPhone. If this function is not switched off, the smartphone cannot be used even after resetting to the factory settings.

Buy used iPhone on eBay

Conclusion: If you buy an iPhone from a private person, you should check the device thoroughly - if possible before buying. There is no guarantee.


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Conclusion on the used purchase of an iPhone or iPad

I personally have already bought a used iPhone and a used iPad. Here, however, I went the safe way: I overhauled the iPad directly from Apple. I bought the iPhone from a used dealer - used, not refurbished. Since the model was only on the market for half a year, it was not yet possible to use it for many years.

I recommend to consider buying from a private person rather for the acquaintance, where you know that you are dealing with trustworthy people.