E-bikes In The Test: Stiftung-Warentest Winner 2020 And Bestseller Pedelecs

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E-bikes In The Test: Stiftung-Warentest Winner 2020 And Bestseller Pedelecs
E-bikes In The Test: Stiftung-Warentest Winner 2020 And Bestseller Pedelecs

Video: E-bikes In The Test: Stiftung-Warentest Winner 2020 And Bestseller Pedelecs

Video: E-bikes In The Test: Stiftung-Warentest Winner 2020 And Bestseller Pedelecs
Video: Test E-Bikes 2020: Brandgefahr, Rahmenrisse, Schadstoffe (Test Pedelecs Stiftung Warentest) 2023, December
  • E-bike test winner from Stiftung Warentest: KTM Macina Tour 510
  • Price-performance tip: Fischer Viator 6.0i
  • Bestseller at FahrradXXL: Kreidler Vitality Eco 2
  • Popular foldable e-bike: Zundapp folding bike Z101
  • E-bike with the best design: Cowboy 3
  • You should know this before buying

E-bikes and pedelecs: what is it and what is the difference?

This means bicycles with the support of an electric motor. However, the terms "e-bike" and "pedelec" are not always clearly separated in retail and general usage. We comply with the ADFC (Allgemeine Deutscher Fahrrad-Club e. V.), which names three types of electric bicycles that can be differentiated:

  • Pedelecs: The term stands for " Ped al Ele ctric C ycle" and says the best known in Germany type of electric wheels. An electric motor up to a maximum of 250 watts switches on when the user himself pedals. So you get support and save muscle power - but only up to a speed of 25 km / h. The contribution made by the auxiliary electric motor drive depends on the pedaling frequency of the rider. For Germany regulated in the Road Traffic Act (StVG) § 1.
  • Fast pedelecs ("Swiss class"): Also called "S-class" or "S-pedelecs". Motor support for higher speeds (up to 45 km / h). Legally no longer count as bicycles, but as mopeds. Require a class AM driver's license, an insurance license plate and an operating license. Helmets are compulsory when using the bike, bike paths must not be used.
  • E-bikes in the narrower sense: In the narrower sense, an e-bike is a bicycle with an electric drive and a twist grip or shift button that also drives without physical effort (pedaling) of the user (max. 20 km / h). It is therefore related to an “electric moped” and is accordingly classified by the German legislature as a small motorcycle. In order to drive it, you need a “moped driving license” (test certificate) and an insurance license plate.

The test winners and bestsellers presented here in the GIGA comparison are all pedelecs according to the above definition. The price range is large: there are simple models for around 500 euros to full-suspension mountain bikes with an electric motor for several thousand euros. Currently, you should expect upwards of 1,100 euros for a pedelec that should be used every day. The more you spend, the better the built-in components such as gears, brakes, motor and battery.


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The best e-bikes 2020: All recommendations at a glance

placement product price offer
The Stiftung Warentest winner KTM Macina Tour 510 approx.2,800 euros Price comparison at Idealo
Price-performance tip Fischer Viator 6.0i approx.2,270 euros Fischer Viator 6.0i at MediaMarkt
FahrradXXL bestseller Kreidler Vitality Eco 2 approx.1,800 euros Kreidler Vitality Eco 2 at FahrradXXL
Folding bike bestseller Zundapp Z101 approx.1,100 euros Zundapp folding e-bike Z101 at Amazon
Our design darling Cowboy 3 approx.2,300 euros To the manufacturer's website

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The e-bike test winner from the Stiftung Warentest: KTM Macina Tour 510


Stiftung Warentest's latest major e-bike test took place in mid-2020 (issue 06/2020). 12 mid-motor pedelecs were compared, and the KTM Macina Tour 510 was the winner. The pedelec, which was classified as a “clear favorite” according to the Stiftung Warentest, was tested in the 2020 model version and with low entry (“Wave”). The KTM Macina Tour 510 is also available as a classic men's (“Gents”) or women's bike (“Ladys”). The website of the Austrian manufacturer contains corresponding images and all technical data.

It received an overall grade of 1.7 (“good”) and was praised, among other things, for the very good driving characteristics and the well graded and powerful engine. The measured range of 55 kilometers is on par with the competition in the test field - by the way, testing was carried out under "demanding conditions", i.e. hills and bad asphalt.

View KTM Macina Tour 510 on eBay


  • Driving behavior very good
  • Responsiveness and engine support very good
  • Can be driven comparatively well even without the engine switched on


Price-performance tip: Fischer Viator 6.0i 2020


A buying tip from the middle price segment: The Fischer Viator 6.0i was rated in the e-bike buying guide 01/2020 by Fahrrad.de (available in the Readly subscription) with the verdict "very good" for the price-performance ratio. It has no serious disadvantages, but scores with decent performance in terms of driving behavior, drive and equipment. Overall, it is sporty, the Brose Drive S mid-engine provides a good boost.

Unlike many competitive models, the Fischer Viator 6.0i is not only to be found in specialist shops, but also at providers such as Saturn, Mediamarkt or Amazon. One small disadvantage should be known in advance: The key from the frame lock can only be removed after locking.

Fischer Viator 6.0I-S2 trekking e-bike

Now from € 2,224.13 at Mediamarkt Similar offer at Amazon Similar offer at Saturn Price can now be higher. Price from 26.07.2020 10:33 p.m.


  • Very good price-performance ratio
  • Good driving behavior, good equipment


Frame lock: key can only be removed after locking

The bestseller at FahrradXXL: Kreidler Vitality Eco 2


Anyone looking for an e-bike will sooner or later come across the FahrradXXL dealer from Frankfurt am Main. According to the company, it offers "Germany's largest selection". It is therefore interesting to take a look at the bestselling e-bikes that can be seen in the online shop.

The Kreidler Vitality Eco 2 (model 2019) is represented in the front ranks - a pedelec with low entry, which is offered at a discount: Instead of 2,200 euros, only 1,800 euros are due. The average customer rating for FahrradXXL is 4.9 out of 5 stars. Among other things, the driving behavior and ease of use are praised, and none of the users currently names negative points. The torque of the Kreidler Vitality Eco 2 (2019) is given by the dealer as 40 Nm. For comparison: According to the Stiftung Warentest, the KTM Macina Tour 510 mentioned above is 75 Nm. The equipment (including suspension fork, 7-speed hub gear, LED lighting) is neat.

For everyone to whom the traditional brand "Kreidler" might not say anything, here is an interesting point: The model "Kreidler Vitality Eco 6 Edition", which comes from a higher series, came third in 2018 in a comparison of the Stiftung Warentest (edition 06/2018) prove (grade: "good, 1.9) - and thus depend on well-known competitors such as Stevens, Kalkhoff and Cube.

Watch Kreidler Vitality Eco 2 (2019) at FahrradXXL


  • Fully equipped
  • Good driving behavior


Motor (Bosch Active, 36 V) is not particularly powerful

The foldable e-bike bestseller: Zündapp folding bike Z101

Zundapp E-Bike Z101 folding bike
Zundapp E-Bike Z101 folding bike

Zundapp E-Bike Z101 folding bike

Now from € 1,149.00 at Otto Similar offer at Amazon price comparison price can now be higher. Price from 26.06.2020 13:05

And once again a look at the e-bike bestsellers on Amazon, this time with a focus on the type of foldable e-bikes that can be transported in a particularly space-saving manner in the trunk of a car or on the train. The Zündapp Z101 catches the eye here, which is affordable at less than 1,200 euros (sometimes considerably less) and was rated on average with 4 out of 5 stars. The name "Zündapp" once stood for the Nuremberg motorcycle manufacturer "Zündapp-Werke GmbH", which went bankrupt in 1984. Nowadays the brand name is used for e-bikes, among others, which are produced in China.

The E-folding bike Z101 is equipped with StVZO-compliant lighting and is delivered fully assembled. The aluminum frame has a folding mechanism, the folding dimensions are compact 97 cm x 67 cm x 44 cm. However, the 21.1 kg weight limits the mobility a bit - especially older users should not weigh the pedelec too lively into the trunk. That could go into the intervertebral discs.


"The bike is suitable for smaller trips on good paths," summarizes one of the buyers at Amazon and thus gets to the point of the intended use of a foldable e-bike. The 20-inch tires demand willingness to compromise when it comes to driving comfort and stability, you have to be clear about that. For occasional use in the city, the Zündapp Z101 is just the thing - if you want more, you have to spend more and do without the folding mechanism.

Zundapp Z101 folding e-bike at Amazon


  • comparatively cheap
  • StVZO compliant equipment


  • limited driving comfort
  • Range only 35 to 45 km per battery charge, according to individual user reports at level 3, also considerably less

The e-bike with the best design: Cowboy e-bike


Even if a lot has happened in terms of design in recent years - very few e-bikes are really sexy. A brilliant example is the “Cowboy 3” e-bike from Belgian startup Cowboy. A minimalist and futuristic look that attracts attention. Thanks to its smooth shape, it is not immediately recognizable as an electric bike. Is it from a science fiction film or directly from the future?

Cowboy 3 e-bike at the manufacturer

GIGA editor and passionate cyclist Sebastian is always on the go without an electric motor. He tested the "iPhone among e-bikes" extensively (at that time still in the first model version) and came to the conclusion that the cowboy e-bike had "totally changed" his view of pedelecs. No gear shift, no motor control, but dynamic e-support - the cowboy e-bike shows where pedelecs could develop. An exciting concept, fairly priced at 2,290 euros (RRP, model Cowboy 3), fairly light at 16.9 kg and, apart from that, also nice to look at.

Here is our report on the first generation cowboy:

The best pedelec? Cowboy bike in the test

E-bike test winners and bestsellers 2020: you should know this before buying

E-bike from the discounter: offers from Aldi and Lidl


E-bikes are much more expensive than comparable conventional bicycles - that's no wonder, because the electric motor, battery and electronics cause additional costs in the manufacture. In order to get an e-bike cheaply, it is worth going to the discounter. The two supermarket giants Lidl and Aldi (Hofer in Austria), but also the auto service provider ATU have affordable (branded) pedelecs on offer again and again - GIGA reports regularly. Not only normal e-bikes are sold, but also models with three wheels and loading surface (cargo e-bike / cargo bike) or foldable pedelecs.

Check out Pedelec offers at Lidl

E-bike helmets and suitable helmets

According to current legislation, there is no helmet requirement for pedelec riders in Germany. Nevertheless, as with conventional bicycles, it is also recommended to wear a helmet, as this can save the rider's life if the worst comes to the worst. A look at the Amazon bestsellers in the categories of trekking, city and racing helmets shows that you can find good models from just 35 euros.

Airbag instead of helmet: Hövding 3 (manufacturer video)

A somewhat unusual “helmet” is the Hövding airbag (approx. 300 euros), which is worn around the neck. The head remains clear during the journey - only when a fall does a protective cushion inflate at lightning speed that safely absorbs possible impacts.

E-bike batteries: wear and disposal

The e-bike motor is powered by a battery (usually a lithium-ion battery). Depending on the capacity, a charge lasts for a range of 40 to 100 kilometers. The battery is a wearing part and must be replaced after a few years because it loses power over time. Tip: Extreme temperatures are to be avoided in the long run; e-bike batteries are best at room temperature. Incidentally, old e-bike batteries are not disposed of with household waste! Disposal must be carried out properly in Germany via the "common battery take-back system" of specialist retailers and at municipal collection points.

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Environmental situation: how environmentally friendly are e-bikes?

Using an e-bike protects the environment - at least compared to a car. Here are some points where e-bikes do better than cars when it comes to environmental protection:

  • less CO 2 emissions
  • less nitrogen oxides (NOX)
  • less fine dust

However, e-bikes are not completely emission-free or environmentally friendly, just think of the manufacture (removal of lithium for the batteries) and the energy required for the journey. If the latter does not come from a renewable source, then this has a negative impact on the environmental balance of every pedelec ride. An e-bike is usually only a more environmentally friendly alternative if you leave the car instead. The most environmentally friendly forms of transportation continue to be on foot or the conventional bike without an electric motor.

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